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Browns release quarterbacks on Day 2 of the Free Agency Frenzy

Both Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell have been released by the Browns

Yes, Free Agency Frenzy. I made it up myself after the insanity that was Day 1 of Free Agency 2014. Day 2 is keeping everyone on their toes and at the edge of their seats. Rumors are running rampant about people coming to visit the Browns and who could be coming to the team this […]

Free Agency is an exciting time for the Cleveland Browns


So. Free Agency season is upon us. What presents did the Free Agency Gods bring us desperate Clevelanders? Well, first the bad (or maybe good, depending on your feelings) news. The Browns released WR Davone Bess, who only spent one year here doing some good things, but also not being very good at kick returns […]

Brandon Weeden rumored to want out of Cleveland

Brandonweeden face

Yesterday, news hit that the Browns GM and CEO, (Lombardi and Banner) are gone from the team. We only get one day recovery before the next big news story breaks. Apparently QB Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland. Are we really surprised? Let’s look at it by the numbers. Weeden was drafted in the first […]

Cleveland Browns promote Ray Farmer to GM; Banner and Lombardi are out

Ray Farmer has been named the new GM for the Cleveland Browns

So, once again, lots of things are happening with the front office of the Browns organization. Browns CEO Joe Banner and GM Michael Lombardi are out. Although I’m truly tired of being the laughing stock franchise of the NFL, and I’m REALLY freaking tired of saying this, hopefully these changes will benefit the team and […]

Six Cleveland Browns make the trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl

Joe Thomas with his daughter at the 2014 Pro Bowl festivities

Some more good news came out of Berea last week. Cleveland Browns Safety T.J. Ward was named to his first ever Pro Bowl! He was named as an alternate in late December, and will replace injured Steelers Safety, Troy Polamalu. Ward will join teammates TE Jordan Cameron, CB Joe Haden, C Alex Mack, WR Josh […]

Mike Pettine is the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns

I wonder how long that smile will last when he gets to Cleveland?

THE SEARCH IS OVER! No this is not a joke. The Cleveland Browns have finally hired a head coach, the 15th in franchise history. His name is Mike Pettine and he was the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, who the Browns faced and beat on October 3rd of this past season. Browns owner Jimmy […]

Cleveland Browns fire Coach Rob Chudzinski

Well, the last week of regular season play has come and gone in the NFL. Personally, I’m looking forward to what the post season has in store for football fans. It’s been an interesting year and the post season is sure to be just as interesting. As for Cleveland Browns fans, it’s not as interesting, […]

The 2013 Cleveland Browns season will come to an end in Pittsburgh


Well the Cleveland Browns’ playoff hopes are a lost cause, at least this year. But as I sit here, staring out the window at the relentless snow coming down outside, I wonder about the 2014 Browns. And about the game in Pittsburgh next week. Now, I’m not one to overhype the NFL Draft, but I […]

The state of the Cleveland Browns… or Josh Gordon for President

Brandon Weeden had a lot of Homer Simpson-like "Doh" moments on Sunday

Well I haven’t written anything about the Cleveland Browns in a while because my mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But I just can’t. I am bursting with things to say, and no they’re not all nice. So, Jason Campbell was starting as our […]

Cleveland Browns trophy found!!!

The 1946 Cleveland Browns AAFC trophy

That’s right guys, even if we don’t win this weekend (which we will darn it), the weekend wont be a total loss. The 1946 All-America Football Conference Championship Trophy was found today. No I’m not kidding. But first, a little bit of history (it is my specialty, after all). Cleveland got the rights to a […]

Here’s what week 10 taught the Browns… and everyone else

Up next for the Browns is the Battle of Ohio with the Bengals

So, Week 10 has come and gone. What did the Cleveland Browns learn about the NFL in their week off? That no one is safe…… except maybe the Chiefs, expect the unexpected, and even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Let me explain. 1)   No one is safe: We began the week with a Redskins […]

The Cleveland Browns get the win against the Baltimore Ravens


So, the Browns shocked everyone, most especially the Baltimore Ravens, when they won at home on Sunday. The best part is that QB Jason Campbell was named the AFC offensive player of the week! Yeay! FINALLY some good news coming out of Cleveland! BUT, will it stay? Well we certainly hope so. Campbell performed well […]

What the Cleveland Browns need to do to beat the Baltimore Ravens

I really hope Campbell isn't taking any advice from Weeden.

Well, when I started thinking about a list of things the Browns should and shouldn’t do on Sunday to beat the division rival Baltimore Ravens, I was still contemplating life with Travis Benjamin. Now, he’s out for the season with (yet another in a string of many in the NFL) an ACL injury. So much […]

The Cleveland Browns go on the road and lose to the Green Bay Packers

Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner takes a sip of "something" after a Brandon Weeden interception.

Another Sunday, another start by QB Brandon Weeden, and another Browns loss. Ahh yes, this is what despair feels like. I really love my Browns, but sometimes this all becomes too much to deal with. This past week our former savior, QB Brian Hoyer underwent successful ACL surgery. As I sit here, getting all teary […]

The Cleveland Browns improve to 3-2 in win over Bills on Thursday night.

QB Brian Hoyer left the game with a torn ACL.

Thursday the Cleveland Browns played host to the Buffalo Bills in what would become an exciting Thursday night game. Also one that would pay tribute to one of the greatest Brown’s to ever play, Jim Brown. We have a winning record, Jim Brown, and Travis Benjamin. Thursday night was almost perfect. Sitting in traffic on […]