David Pollack wants a “No Girls Allowed” sign on the CFB playoff committee clubhouse

On College GameDay this morning, the topic of the soon-to-be-formed college football playoff selection committee came up. David Pollack, a former Georgia defensive end, said he was probably going to stick his foot in his mouth, then went on to say that only people who have played college football should be allowed on the committee. Chris Fowler asked if that included women, and Pollack didn’t say yes, but his body language indicated he was thinking it. I didn’t particularly like him before this happened, but now I really don’t.

Condoleezza Rice will reportedly be on the committee, and while I’m not sure how well-versed she is in college football, I’ve seen her NFL commercial where she talks about waking up at crazy hours on the other side of the world to watch the Super Bowl, so I think she’s probably pretty dedicated and is going to be able to handle the job just fine.

Pollack’s stance is problematic for many reasons, the main one being that it’s offensive and stupid. There are plenty of us girls out there who know just as much – if not more – than a lot of guys when it comes to CFB. While the “must be a former player” argument isn’t nearly as bad as the “no girls allowed” one, it still seems like the committee would be best served by having a mix of people from different backgrounds.

Samantha Ponder, the only woman on GameDay, obviously did not take kindly to Pollack’s remarks:


Pollack issued a “clarification” tweet, which really just come across as backpeddling:


For the record, Pollack appeared to be the only guy on GameDay who was opposed to women on the committee.

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