David Beckham releases new book!

David Beckham is releasing a new book today and yesterday he gave Facebook fans a special Q&A. During the event Becks talked about his time at Manchester United, England and LA Galaxy. He also talked about the Sir Alex Ferguson mess and his MLS franchise…

photoFirst off he talked about his times at all the clubs he played for. You could tell his retirement was still a touchy subject because he was emotional just looking at the picture of his final game. When the topic of Manchester United came up he talked about his time with Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville and their camaraderie. He went on to talk about the famous 1998 red card in the World Cup and how at one point everyone wanted him to give up playing. He said, “The thought never crossed my mind. Giving up on football was never in the cards.” And we are all glad he didn’t! As for his time at LA Galaxy he was adamant that he would never regret his time in MLS. He helped grow the league and brought fans from all over to stadiums to watch games. In his time with LA he saw 8 new clubs and 7 new stadiums be built. He thinks MLS is on the right path to become a major powerhouse in the World of soccer.

Now let’s get to his MLS Franchise, which was a high point in the Q&A. Becks joked that he was going to call up Ferguson to see if he wanted to manage the new team, but he’s taking that offer off the table now after the whole incident. It was supposed to come across as a joke, but you could see that there is still some rough waters between Becks and Ferguson. Anyways, Becks talked about how he wants to keep growing the game in America and how he thinks it’s one of the best places for soccer because the fans are some of the most passionate fans he’s ever experienced. Becks mentioned how he wouldn’t be the manager of his new MLS team because it’s “not something he’s passionate about”. Interesting… So who is Becks going to choose? Guess we have to wait and see! He is excited for this new step in his life and it’s another thing he can notch off his bucket list!

Beckham closes out his book with the line “Whatever you do in life, make sure you have smile on your face. For me, the journey has just started and we’ll see where it goes.” Seems as though Becks is going to be around for a while and I am not complaining at all!

You can buy the book on Amazon.

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