Daily Kick Around: Thursday Edition

We’re on the downhill slide of the week, soccer fans! Of course we have some interesting news for you today, from Fabio Capello throwing in the towel with England, to scientists studying Messi to Fox Americanizing the EPL, plus tons more! Here’s your Thursday DKA!

La Liga

It’s a question many players, coaches and fans have asked over the last few years – what in the world makes Lionel Messi so damn good? Well, a few scientists took it upon themselves to find out. The conclusion? Messi is a brilliant player because he can gather more information in one quick gaze than others. Huh, who knew?

Here’s some surprising info … not! Real Madrid and Barcelona topped the soccer’s rich list for the third straight year. Really, are any of us that surprised?

It’s been rough in England for Manchester United keeper David De Gea. But despite his rocky start, he insists he’s going to be at Old Trafford for a long time, debunking rumors of a return to former La Liga club Atletico Madrid.

Major League Soccer

Boy, is MLS buzzing today. Especially since most teams are kicking off their preseason games – including Montreal Impact and Houston Dynamo. If you didn’t follow the drama of the Expansion Draft, you might not know why this game had a little tension building up. It was the first time Impact acquisition Brian Ching faced off with his former team, Dynamo, who basically dumped him because they didn’t want to spend the money to keep him on the roster. Ching threatened to retire if the Impact picked him up, Montreal called his bluff and the Dynamo, well … they ended up not looking so squeaky clean to fans or Ching. However, the smoke has cleared, Ching admits to being hot-headed at first but now is settling in with his new teammates. The most interesting thing about this preseason game? The apology Dynamo manager Dom Kinnear gave to Montreal and Brian:

“I think in the beginning, we were a little bit liberal with what we were saying,” Kinnear said. “I think it was a little bit rude, and I apologize for that, back when Brian first got selected by Montreal in the Expansion Draft.”

Oh, and P.S. – rumors are now flying that Dynamo are backtracking and trying to get Brian BACK to Houston by March. Such is the trading rumor mill!

Here’s one for you from WAY out in left field. We know the big name move rumors are usually linked to Los Angeles and New York–the most recent talks said to involve Michael Ballack and Rolandinho–but here’s another one for you to add to the list. The New York Post is reporting the Red Bulls are very interested in signing former Real Madrid star Raul, who very well could take them up on their offer – if current club Shalke04 offer him anything less than a two year contract.

English Premier League

So, remember the drama when Chelsea cut Carlo Ancelotti’s contract early and hired in current boss Andre Villas-Boas. How much do you think that cost the ol’ Blues? Does $45 million sound about right? With the way the team is performing this season, do you think it cost them more than that?

Are the big networks that are snatching up EPL coverage for the states Americanizing the league too much? It may seem silly – if you watch games now on ESPN and Fox, they seem to follow the broadcasting steps of Sky Sports and others – there are no cheerleaders or crazy antics in pre-game shows. Or is there? There’s a growing fear that Fox could be doing just that; the first blow? Bringing in Piers Morgan as a “soccer analyst.” Some of us are scared for what the next step could be.

International Soccer

It seems like things are going from problematic to worse for England’s national team. After a meeting yesterday with the Football Association, Three Lions boss Fabio Capello turned in his resignation papers. This is more than likely over the continuing John Terry drama. Rumors are abound about his replacement, the most prevalent on Twitter? Harry Redknapp.

Serie A

Did you miss our Midweek Muscles post yesterday? If you’re a fan of Serie A, or have an interest in Serie A, you might want to check out this week’s pick – Italian midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

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