Cueto Gets Fourth in Cy Young Voting, I Grumble About It

(Photo by David Slaughter/Flickr)

….some more.

Because I’ve obviously known that Johnny wasn’t in the top 3 in the voting for like a week now, and I complained about it then too. But Christina Kahrl agrees with me! And so does Harold Reynolds! (I don’t have a reference for that, I heard it on MLB Tonight one night…probably).

Of course, there’s nothing like actual vote tallies to get the anger-sap flowing again. At least it’s a comfort that Cueto did come in fourth, just shy of ‘finalist’ status. (Listing the top three vote getters in advance is fine, MLB, but calling them finalists is totally misleading.) If Cueto had come in, like 10th, with three fifth place votes, shit would have gotten real.

On the other hand, now I can point angry little fingers at all of the voters who didn’t vote like I wanted. Well, unfortunately, almost everyone voted Dickey first and Gonzalez and Kershaw second. Which is, I have to admit, not extremely mockable. There’s decent arguments to be made that Dickey and Gonazalez and Kershaw were all better than Cueto. On the other hand, I think the arguments the Cueto was the best in the bunch are about as legitimate. (I realize that this comes down to me yelling, “WHY DOESN’T A SLIGHTLY LARGER PORTION OF THE POPULATION AGREEE WITH MEEEEEEE?’ but what can I say?)

On the other hand, voting Craig Kimbrel in first place is kind of ridiculous. Also, five ballots left Cueto off entirely – consigning him to the rank of ’6th best pitcher’ or worse. (Surprisingly, none of them from the STL writers.) I should also probably mention that the only first place vote for Cueto came from our own dear John Fay. Cueto also got four second place votes: all from voters from the NL Central, which is interesting, I think, and maybe sort of a compliment.

Really, I’m not that angry that Cueto did not win the Cy Young this year. But I am angry because, after looking at the voting, I suspect that Cueto will never win the Cy Young while pitching for the Reds without having an all-time great season – like having a record-setting scoreless innings streak, or an ERA of 0.50, or throwing two no hitters in a row. Cueto has the unfortunate luck to be an excellent pitcher who doesn’t have great strikeout rates, who throws half his games in a very small ballpark. Poop. :(.

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