Cubs Thursday: Happy pitchers and catchers report day!

As usual this week, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get a bunch of work done. But I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you guys that Cubs pitchers and catchers report today (though most of them have already been in Mesa for a few days, at least)!

Image buy Tim Souers of

Image buy Tim Souers of

Yesterday, the Cubs had a big ribbon-cutting ceremony (of course, MCed by Crane. People LOVE Crane!), and, I have to admit, the new digs look pretty sweet. I’d love to say the same about Wrigley Field.

Here’s what 670 The Score’s Laurence Holmes had to say about it:

What’s scary is that it might be more comfortable for players than Wrigley. I haven’t seen the clubhouse yet, but it’s built on a football design and has 68 locker stalls (I’ll let you know tomorrow). This place is the pride of the Cactus League. Even rivaling the Diamondbacks facility at the Salt River Flats.

Here’s what it has:
-A 2-Story weight room that looks like a football team’s facility.
-A 120-seat theatre
-12 covered batting tunnels
-A sprint track
-6 practice fields

So basically the park is super nice and the kids are going to love it and then they’re going to have to come to Wrigley. That sucks.

Speaking of Wrigley sucking, Dan Bernstein reports that the Cubs and rooftops are talking again, with the Cubs taking a harder line due to an increased confidence in their legal position. Does anyone doubt the Cubs consulted my blog for legal advice? I, for one, do not.

In minor news, the Cubs lost Brooks Raley (what about all my Boo Radley jokes?) and Brett Marshall, who were claimed off waivers by the Twins and the Reds, respectively. Eh. I’m okay with it.

5 thoughts on “Cubs Thursday: Happy pitchers and catchers report day!

  1. mightybear says:

    Don’t cut that beautiful head off, then we’ll have to look at pictures of Carl. No bueno. Good article. Quick, concise and to the point.

  2. johnnywest333 says:

    I’m imagining the new facility in my head and I can’t stop picturing some dude pulling up in the parking lot in a VW Beetle with a Rolls Royce emblem glued to the front of it…

  3. Doc Blume says:

    Reports I’m hearing is that the Cubs spring training facility is very nice, but not really the best in baseball. It no longer is a disadvantage like HoHoKam was, but it doesn’t have the scenery of some of the more impressive facilities like Camelback Ranch or Talking Stick and the player facilities are some of the better ones in baseball, but not the best.

    Overall, that’s a big improvement and great considering the Cubs paid virtually nothing to have this facility built.

  4. Doc Blume says:

    While I have no doubt that the Cubs are negotiating with the rooftop owners, Dan Bernstein was also the one that reported that the Cubs internally were having discussions about moving out of Wrigley. I don’t see how anything should have changed just due to the fact that Dave Kaplan leaked part of the rooftop contract. Negotiations are likely still happening…and they never fully broke down, and I don’t think anything that’s being placed on the table by either side has changed.

  5. juliedicaro says:

    Carl actually might be prettier than I am.

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