Cubs Monday Headlines: It’s A Sweep!

The Chicago Cubs completed their 10-game road trip yesterday by sweeping the San Francisco Giants. In the midst of said road trip, we saw Alfonso Soriano and Matt Garza traded, yet the Cubs still managed to head home with a 6-4 record. It’s especially encouraging if you remember that they were 1-19 on the road against the NL West last season. How did they do it?san_francisco

“It’s always a little different, especially when you lose a guy like Soriano,” Wood said. “He was one of our hottest bats, probably the hottest bat at the time. He’s the leader on the team and he’s been here the longest. It was sad to see him go, but I think he had a pretty solid day today. We just have to pull together and string some wins.”

The Fonz had four hits for the Yankees Sunday, including a home run and the game-winning RBI single. Some of his former protégés decided to pay homage to their departed mentor.

The high socks on Starlin Castro, Junior Lake and Luis Valbuena on Sunday? That’s Soriano style.

“We said we wanted to do it for Sori,” Castillo said of the socks switch.

I approve of this wardrobe choice. The Cubs’ two runs on Sunday were courtesy of solo home runs by Travis Wood and Welington Castillo. Travis now has three on the season.

“I’m always surprised,” Wood said of his power. “I’m not up there trying to hit homers. I’m just trying to put good swings on it. I was able to get two hits today and fortunately one of them went over the fence. Unfortunately, I gave it up the next inning.”

The Cubs managed three one-run wins on the road, and Dale Sveum is pleased to see the development of his team.

“A lot of these young guys have to get a feeling for that in the big leagues, and the feeling of the last three games here, how close every out was and how every pitch here meant everything, and the situations [Saturday night],” Sveum said. “These guys, some of them anyway, that multiplies by 10 when you’re in a pennant race, those kind of games. It’s always a learning process.”

We’re just happy to see some exciting baseball.

Of course, Kevin Lynch had to go and be Debbie Downer on ESPN Chicago. After his seven game hitting streak to start his career, Junior Lake is 0 for his last 13.

Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said he traded Soriano partially to get youngster Junior Lake some playing time. Since the deal, Lake has gone 0-for-13, abruptly ending his seven-game hitting streak with which he started his major league career. Lake’s average dropped to .349 after going 0-for-4 Sunday with a strikeout.

He also got to take a swipe at Starlin Castro.

The Cubs opened up an opportunity for the Giants in the ninth when Chicago shortstop Starlin Castro failed to get in front of a bounced throw by Castillo. Giants pinch hitter Kensuke Tanaka was stealing second when Castillo threw wide and short of second base. Instead of moving to smother the ball with his body, Castillo attempted to short-hop the throw with a swipe. He missed the ball completely and Tanaka took third on the play.

I’m not sure who he is, but I’m glad he doesn’t regularly get the chance to write game summaries.

36 thoughts on “Cubs Monday Headlines: It’s A Sweep!

  1. juliedicaro says:

    Trading Kevin Gregg is a priority this week. Does it get done?

    1. Doc Blume says:


      1. dabirdguy says:

        No. No takers for the guy.

        1. dabirdguy says:

          The Rays just traded for Jessie Crane who is on the DL.
          Broken relievers are fetching more than Gregg swill.

  2. J says:

    my question of the day- how does Biogenesis impact the Cubs over the next week? Do they lose players to suspension? Who of the remaining serviceable MLB players get shipped off to contenders who lost pending free agents that take the suspension rather than hurt their next contract with a looming suspension?

    1. Doc Blume says:

      First off, I’m highly doubtful that anyone on the Cubs is likely to be hit with a suspension. The only player I have any suspicions of is Kevin Gregg.

      Second, I’m not sure anyone really knows how the pending suspensions are going to affect trades. It sounds like MLB is going to announce a number of suspensions this week…and who knows if that is going to be before or after the deadline. Considering the deadline is on Wednesday, that’s not a lot of time for a team to scrabble to come up with a trade for a replacement. That said, post deadline trades in August might be a bit more interesting.

      There really are a ton of questions revolving around this…and I’m not sure anyone, including the players and GMs, really knows how it is going to all work out.

      1. J says:

        I think Texas is going to flinch again and overpay for another bat. Once that happens, the rest of the market gets moving pretty quickly with the contenders swooping in, picking the Phillies clean of usable pieces.

        1. Doc Blume says:

          I’m guessing the Giants are more likely to start shedding players than the Phillies are. I just don’t think Armaro Jr. really knows what he wants to do in Philly.

          1. dabirdguy says:

            I don’t think he can do a “rebuild” due to the fickle fans and the $$$$.

            1. Doc Blume says:

              That’s what people said about the Cubs.

              1. dabirdguy says:

                Ya, but in Philly they even Booed Santa Clause!

  3. juliedicaro says:


    MLB is willing to offer Rodriguez a suspension of the rest of this year and all of 2014, report Bill Madden, Teri Thompson, and Michael O’Keefe of the New York Daily News, and if he declines, MLB is expected to attempt to ban him for life.

    1. Doc Blume says:


      Either way, his career is likely over. I’m not sure he’ll could really make much of a comeback after 2014.

      1. Doc Blume says:

        And I’m sure the Yankees are overjoyed by this. Even if it is the lesser punishment, they save a lot of money.

  4. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Speaking of trades, did Jake Peavy ever find out what city to go to? All last night, they kept telling the tale of Peavy and his 5 suitcases waiting to find out what city to go to…

    1. Doc Blume says:

      No…I doesn’t sound like things are as close as the “packed his suitcases” story made it sound.

  5. sloanpeterson2 says:

    There’s a chance the Angels will overpay first, since now they know Pujols is out, and there is a ton of pressure for them to at least try to make a run for the wild card…

    1. Doc Blume says:

      The Angels are insane to think they have a real shot at the wild card…they are behind 8 or 9 other teams right now…and I think 9 games back of the leaders. It’s pretty dumb to think that, with the way they’ve played to this point, and the fact that Pujols is likely done for the year, that they can outplay all 8 other teams that are in front of them.

      That said, I do think the Angels are insane. So knowing that, they’ll probably make some stupid move to try to make a run at this thing.

      1. Doc Blume says:

        In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Cubs have a better chance at making the playoffs than the Angels do.

  6. sloanpeterson2 says:

    The LA sportsmedia have been drumming for the last month that the Angels made the mistake of a lifetime giving the contracts they did,and that the manager and GM should be fired if they don’t even make the playoffs. They were also ripping on the Dodgers, but now have shifted to the Angels to make moves.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      The Dodgers are going to win the NL West…mainly because all the other teams in the division just flat out stink. It’s too bad.

  7. Doc Blume says:

    Rumors are swirling that the Pirates may actually be seriously trying to acquire Jeff Samardzija.

  8. Doc Blume says:

    Barry Rozner has reported on Twitter that former Cub, Frank Castillo, has died…drowned in a lake down in Arizona.

    I remember him from his start where he almost ended the Cubs no hitter streak in 95 or 96…he had 2 outs in the ninth inning. He lost it on a hit that Sammy Sosa couldn’t quite reach.


    1. Doc Blume says:

      It was a while ago…but if I remember correctly, he pitched that game in 95, and it was day before I moved up to Wisconsin, in late September that year. I’m pretty sure that’s right…there is a reason I remember that game so well. Hard to believe that was almost 18 years ago. Ugh.

  9. Doc Blume says:

    Paul Sullivan is leaving the as the Trib’s Cubs beat reporter.

    I’m assuming Julie is in HR right now applying for the position.

  10. juliedicaro says:

    i’m assuming they’re just waiting until tomorrow to offer me the position.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      So you did get interviewed for the position.


      1. juliedicaro says:

        Ha. I didn’t even know it was open (which apparently it’s not) until today. Did Len and JD say why he’s leaving?

        1. Doc Blume says:

          I must have missed that part of the game yesterday. I didn’t know anything about it. If so, I would have been all over twitter yesterday making Hobbit jokes.

  11. Doc Blume says:

    Brett Jackson was demoted to AA.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      oh…it looks like it’s a rehab assignment.

      1. juliedicaro says:

        He got PROMOTED from the Arizona rehab league. Jeez.

        1. dabirdguy says:

          How tall is he? We could use him as a bat boy if he’s not too tall!

  12. J says:

    yet christmas is still celebrated in Philly.

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