Cubs Managerial Search: Things I may or may not have heard

The closest thing the Cubs will get to Joe Maddon (thanks to @MonocleMan1 for the photoshop!)

The closest thing the Cubs will get to Joe Maddon (thanks to @MonocleMan1 for the photoshop!)

There’s precious little to report in the Chicago Cubs search for a new manager, and I suspect that will be the case until an especially boring off-day OR the end of the World Series. I spoke to a couple of different sources this afternoon, and, if they were betting men (which they probably ARE; I know they go to Vegas a lot), this how they saw it shaking out:

Source 1: “I think it’s a toss up between Acta and Martinez.”

Source 2:  “Renteria has the job.”

Source 3: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they shock everyone hire Hinch.”

So there you have it. No one really knows anything. Do you see why I haven’t written anything yet today?

I do have it on good authority that Rays bench coach Davey Martinez was in with Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and Jason McLeod for quite some time yesterday, before he was picked up by Randy Bush around noon, presumably to head to lunch. Martinez reportedly looked “tired” but “well-groomed.” The beard was reported to be in good form. Davey was in a suit, but no word on how many breasts the suit had. I’m choosing to imagine him dressed like Dick Cavett and with a pipe in his mouth.

As for the other side of town, the Cubs and several other teams dropped out of the bidding for Jose Abreu relatively early on, reportedly due to concerns about Abreu’s bat speed, athleticism, and “questionable” ability to hit major league hitting. According to reports, Abreu is set to get six years and $68 million dollars from the White Sox, which is a ton of money to drop on a guy who scouts aren’t sure can succeed at the major-league level. Needless to say, I’m happy the Cubs chose not to go after the latest Cuban sensation, which had to be tempting. After all, we don’t have a Puig or a Cespedes. We have to envy other people’s.

If you missed it yesterday, I’ll be joining Harry Teinowitz on WGNfm Mondays from 9 – 10:30 am. Let’s hope the Cubs pick a new manager while I’m on the air; it could be a big boost to my career. Or something.

21 thoughts on “Cubs Managerial Search: Things I may or may not have heard

  1. NotAgain says:

    Puig-envy is an ugly thing.

  2. gidard says:

    Seems to be precious little comment.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Honestly…I believe Puig will fall off next year like Cespedes did this year. And I also expect this Abreu dude to have a similar curve.

    2. juliedicaro says:


      1. Doc Blume says:

        Geez…someone got up on the wrong side of her sleeping bag this morning.

  3. gidard says:

    I see where Mattingly is returning as Dodger manager.
    They waited a short while to dismiss speculation they were in the Girardi sweepstakes.

  4. juliedicaro says:

    I want to change my avatar and stupid gravatar won’t let me in.

  5. gidard says:

    Puig will be bacon by morning.

  6. Xavier Gunz says:

    Dude from BleacherNation from his posts i think Renteria is the def frontrunner. Unless Davie Martinez blew them outta the water (which I doubt he did).

  7. Doc Blume says:

    My gut tells me that Hinch is the guy…just because he’s part of the old boys club.

  8. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Last night the local NBC sportscaster refused to show footage of last night’s game, stating it did not matter since the Dodgers lost. He ended his sportcast with the phrase,” baseball season is now over.” Nowwatch them turn on Mattingly again…

    1. J says:

      I doubt many more successful managers will be let go this off season. While plenty of teams might feel their manager is less than ideal, few feel like they’d be better off with the field of available candidates. I know Theo has said he wants someone with MLB experience, but at this point I’d rather just concede that 2014 is (hopefully) the last of the rebuilding years and use that as the cover to get someone who has the stuff (temperament, drive, understanding of statistics, etc) but still needs to learn the day to day mechanics of managing a MLB team.

      1. gidard says:

        Even if the “talent” that resides presently in the Cubs’ minors teams is brought up they still have to make the transition of being able to hit major league pitching consistently.
        Many a talent in baseball has made it to AAA only to fade away because of this.
        I read your (hopefully) as (HOPEFULLY!).
        I always try to be positive but this team needs more than the talent that presently waits in the minors.

        1. J says:

          That’s why I hope they can trade away some of the minor league talent for established MLB talent so that the AAAFadeaway happens on someone else’s 40 man roster.

    2. gidard says:

      Even if it was the Cardinals, the whupping administered to the dodgers last night was truly sweet.
      And the dodger fans in Albuquerque true to their nature are acting just like the Albuquerque dallas cowboy fans do when faced with such a definitive beating.
      Most of my friends who are dodger fans won’t even answer their text messages.
      And I don’t send brutally nasty messages as of course they do when they mock my teams.
      Ahhh…the brewery pumpkin beer tasted sweet last night and it will again tonight.
      I hope they come out of hiding.

  9. gidard says:

    Fear not!
    Tribune article states Cubs candidates all fit the bill.
    I heard angelic music and saw rainbow colors in the periphery.
    Someone asked what’s with the grinning goofy look?
    Some things just cannot be explained.

  10. gidard says:

    O yeah!
    I read an article the other day that stated Detroit’s Scherzer could be trade bait soon.
    Detroit’s finances are just about maxed out and Scherzer’s worth will be more than Detroit can pay.
    Maybe Cubs can go after him as a free agent

  11. gidard says:

    “I think if you look at it, now we’ve kind of become America’s team, because everyone wants to see a 7th game.Probably even the fans in St.Louis would like to see a 7th game, so I figure that everybody’s for us to win on friday night.”
    Mattingly after LA won wednesday.

  12. sloanpeterson2 says:

    That attitude and arrogance of the Dodgers, their owners, and the suckup LA sportsfools, is why I cannot and will not ever root for them…

  13. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Now a bench coach named Luvello?

    1. Doc Blume says:

      This is likely why the process is dragging along as slowly as it is. I’m guessing Luvello has been on the list since the beginning and they basically have to wait until the Red Sox are done playing.

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