Cubs live game thread: For the love of God, just avoid the sweep

At this point, all we can really ask for is not to be completely humiliated at the hands of Milwaukee. Obviously, my plea to toss the cheeseheads into the NL Central basement fell on deaf ears. Now, I’ll I want is not to see Brewers fans gloating all over Twitter. Is that too much to ask?

Chris Rusin (2-4, 2.85) v. Tyler Thornburg (2-1, 2.18)

Cubs lineup:


3 thoughts on “Cubs live game thread: For the love of God, just avoid the sweep

  1. Doc Blume says:

    But we’ve got to catch the White Sox in the draft derby.

  2. gidard says:

    Are the Cubs still going to avoid 50 losses at Wrigley is really the only interest I have anymore.
    It’s been too exasperating hoping for this team to win.
    The 1 run losses are just disheartening.
    Still, I’ll continue to keep checking on them when they’re not on tv.
    And I’ll watch them when they’re on, if I can.
    Football dominates the tv’s theses days.
    It would be sweet if the Cubs could rut on 1 big surge and crawl out of last place.
    11 games left, who knows.
    Go Cubs!

    1. gidard says:

      That was meant to be”…put on 1 big surge…” yeesh!

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