Costa Rica takes trolling to a new level

No one can rightly say that Costa Rica and the fans of its national team are not putting forward a damn good effort to throw the U.S. Men’s National Team off kilter ahead of the World Cup qualifying match Friday. From making the team wait in line at customs in the airport to not providing soccer balls for practice, Costa Rica is pulling out all the stops on this one. They wouldn’t even provide the USMNT with a freakin’ practice pitch!

Well, welcome to gamesmanship in CONCACAF, folks. It’s nothing we as US fans aren’t used to and really, it’s comical how they’re trying so hard. And nothing, and I mean nothing, can top was pulled today during Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s talk with media after practice.

It’s amazing what a man in a cow suit with an air horn can do….

One thought on “Costa Rica takes trolling to a new level

  1. psymar says:

    Hey, we made them play in a blizzard. Fair’s fair.

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