Colts Get Luck-y With First Pick in 2012 NFL Draft

No surprise on this one, friends!

As promised, and suspected since fairly early in the 2011 season as Peyton Manning recovered from multiple neck surgeries, the Indianapolis Colts used their number one pick in Thursday’s 2012 NFL Draft to select their quarterback of the future: Andrew Luck.

Luck has not only athletic ability, arm strength and work ethic to be one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks … but the guy is incredibly smart with an amazing football IQ. He’s also got the brains in the classroom. Luck is finishing up his degree in architectural design at Stanford and expected to join the Colts after his June graduation.

Here’s a few interesting stories about Andrew:

* Andrew Luck: Part Nerd, Part Jock

* Why Andrew Deserves to Be Number One Pick. 

* And from our very own Kelsey O’Donnell: Luck is As Good As It Gets.

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Miranda Remaklus is senior reporter for Aerys Offsides. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

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