Cliff Lee Was Not Impressed

Last night, the Cliff Lee pitched a gem of a game.  Basically, Cliff Lee was Cliff Lee.  He even showed the bat by hitting a double that was about 6 inches from going deep.  He thought he had it too and was quite upset that he only managed a double out of it.

Pitching wise, he scattered singles throughout the 7 innings he pitched and made only one mistake to Jay Bruce.  A mistake that would cut the Phillies lead to one.

Cliff Lee would go on to get a no-decision, because of Antonio Bastardo and Joey Votto.  Now, as much as I want to get mad at Bastardo, but, well, Joey Votto.    The good side of that home run was Cliff Lee’s reaction.

Cliff Lee is NOT impressed.

Cliff Lee is NOT impressed.

Now, luckily for the Phillies, the Cincinnati Reds have Jonathan Broxton in their bullpen.  The Phillies LOVE Broxton and he, well, can’t seem to pitch against the Phillies.  Like not at all.  And with him pitching, the Phillies scored 2 runs to take, and keep the lead.

Now, I often think that it’s my imagination about how good or bad a player plays against the Phillies, but apparently I’m not wrong about Broxton:

I love Broxton.  Hey Dusty, please let him pitch again today, and tomorrow.  PLEASE!  Philadelphia will love you if you do!


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