Cleveland Browns trophy found!!!

That’s right guys, even if we don’t win this weekend (which we will darn it), the weekend wont be a total loss. The 1946 All-America Football Conference Championship Trophy was found today. No I’m not kidding.

But first, a little bit of history (it is my specialty, after all). Cleveland got the rights to a Cleveland franchise of the All-America Football Conference in 1944, during WWII. Paul Brown, former OSU Coach, was named the head coach, but was serving in the Navy at the time. There was a naming contest held and the name Cleveland Panthers was chosen. A few months later, the man with the plan (the dude who got the franchise rights) Arthur “Mickey” McBride, decided he didn’t like Panthers, or maybe a business man was trying to make McBride pay him because he owned the rights to the “Panthers” because that was a previously failed Cleveland team. Either way, the Cleveland Browns got their name NOT from or because of Paul Brown himself, but actually from a shortened version of the “Brown Bombers,” which referred to the nickname for the boxer Joe Louis.

The 1946 Cleveland Browns AAFC trophy

The 1946 Cleveland Browns AAFC trophy

After the war, Paul Brown came to Cleveland and made magic. The Browns signed some of the best players in the history of football including: Dante Lavelli, Lou Groza, and Otto Graham. In 1946 the Browns won the AAFC Championship. For the next nine seasons the Browns would appear in the championship game, four in the AACF and five in the NFL (before the AFL-NFL merger).

Ok, there’s your Browns history lesson for the day. Now back to the exciting stuff. Yes the actual 1946 trophy was found. Where you ask? At a garage sale. In North Carolina. Ironically, it was found by the grandson of an unidentified (as of right now) former Browns minority owner. The Browns are in talks with the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, trying to decide what to do with the trophy. What is certain is that it doesn’t belong in a box in North Carolina. It belongs in Cleveland (or at least the Pro Football HOF) because it’s a reminder of the Browns’ glory days.

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