Chicago Cubs Tuesday: Waiting on Torey Luvollo

First off this morning, I’d like to extend my condolences to Giants fans, whose beloved AT&T Park was forever sullied by this unfortunate event. I’d like to say we can all just forget about it and move forward, but I think we all know that’s not true. Try to keep the rest of the city quarantined, won’t you?

He kind of screams "Dale Sveum 2.0"

He kind of screams “Dale Sveum 2.0″

On the off-chance that any of you care what Jake Peavy thinks, he wholeheartedly endorses Ric(h)k Renteria:

Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy knows who would be perfect for the job: Padres bench coach Rick Renteria.

Peavy and Renteria spent 11/2 seasons together with the Padres, and Peavy credits Renteria with helping develop “tons of guys” in the Padres organization.

“You watch Chase Headley get to the big leagues and struggle, and Chase came to the Padres as the all-everything and had never struggled,” Peavy said. “Ricky Renteria had a history with him, and I think he lit a fire under Chase and got him to compete and he dug down deep and got the best out of Chase.”

In a related story, I had this one French teacher in college? And her class was really hard and I struggled and got a B-. But the next semester? I took a different class from another teacher and got an A? So I think she should manage the Cubs.

Last Thursday, Davey Martinez made his case to Jed and Theo. And he was smart enough to say exactly what we all know Jed and Theo want to hear:

“We have helped develop a bunch of young kids at the major league level,” Martinez said. “But at the same time, we’ve tried to build a strong mindset of winning with these young players. We’re trying to build a winning culture.”

Boom. Hired.

Meanwhile, word on the street it that Ric(h)k Renteria is the favorite for the job, but not so much the favorite that the Cubs don’t want to speak to Boston Bench Coach Torey Luvollo.  Gordon Wittenmeyer adamantly stated on Twitter yesterday that Mike Maddux is NOT a candidate, so stop bringing him up or feel Gordon’s wrath.

So, we continue out holding pattern until we get some actual news out of 1060 W. Addison. However, the fact that the Cubs are willing to wait to interview Luvollo until the season is over probably doesn’t bode well for the candidates that have already interviewed. Or, at the very least, it’s obvious that no one blew them out of the water. This is going to make the hiring press conference very awkward, as Theo is going to say “(Mystery Manager) was our first choice all along, ” and we’re all going to know he was lying. Even (Mystery Manager).

If you’re into masochism (and I’ve known many of you long enough to know that you are), we have only one day left until the October Classic gets under way.  Until then, hop on over to Facebook and like LOHO’s fan page. I post all kinds of goofy stuff over there that doesn’t make it over here, and there’s a nice little community with some good discussions.

12 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Tuesday: Waiting on Torey Luvollo

  1. johnnywest333 says:

    I thought you were going to say that we hired Mattingly.

  2. Doc Blume says:

    I’ve said for years that Jake Peavy should be the GM of this team.

  3. Doc Blume says:

    So the Kim Kardashian marriage proposal sullied AT&T Park…

    Honestly, I don’t think that is any worse than the Cubs sullying Wrigley Field with 100 years of shitty baseball.

  4. juliedicaro says:

    So, here’s what I’ve heard from a couple of sources today: Renteria is the guy, but the Cubs want to interview Luvollo so they can feel that they’ve covered all their bases. (See what I did there?)

    Frankly, if a guy is THE guy, I’m not sure why you’d wait to talk to anyone else.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      As long as Hinch isn’t hired, I really don’t care who or how they hire a person.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well now that Theo and Company have waited this long, they might as well talk to Donnie Baseball now that he is availible. If Mattingly would do it(kids?) it would be a nice poke in the eyes to Kasten and the bunch…

    1. Doc Blume says:

      I agree. Honestly, I like Mattingly and think he’s a pretty good manager. That being said, Mattingly isn’t available as of yet.

  6. Doc Blume says:

    Dan Bernstein is reporting that Rentaria is indeed the favorite, but isn’t “the guy” and that his sources indicate that Martinez did have a good interview that is causing them to think twice about Rentaria.

  7. Doc Blume says:

    And Dave Martinez is going to be interviewing for the National’s job.

    1. juliedicaro says:

      Actually, I can see them hiring him before I can see the Cubs hiring him.

      1. Doc Blume says:

        I’m not so sure…I think they felt pretty bit by Manny Acta. I don’t know who else they’d go after, but I really feel like they’ll want to have an experienced manager.

        They should hire AJ Hinch.

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