Chicago Cubs Thursday Headlines: Miracles can happen


In ’57, American cars were cool and the Cubs won 31 home games. In ’13, the Cubs won 31 home games

I know that the vast majority of you were relying on our dearly beloved Chicago Cubs to win Wednesday. Most of the love came from those of you who read my post from yesterday that examined the threat of the 2013 Cubs not winning as many home games as the 1957 Cubs. Fear not, as the 2013 Cubs were able only to match those ’57 Cubs in terms of futility.

“We just got some balls to fall,” McDonald said of the difference against the Pirates lefty. “Liriano’s tough. He almost no-hit us the last time out. Guys got some hits early, and when you get hits, it breeds confidence in the lineup. You can’t make many mistakes against good teams and good pitchers like that. Fortunately, we were able to overcome mistakes and get the win.”

If you’re keeping score at home, James McDonald finally got his balls to drop (or fall). Confidence, consider yourself bred. 2014, here we come! Ronald had some more words to share.

“We’re trying to get to where these teams are at that we’re playing down the stretch,” McDonald said. “We’re watching how they go about their business, how they play the game. It’s important for us as a young team. I think every one of us in here wants to finish the season strong.”

As did “Dead Man Walking” Dale Sveum:

“We still have three games left and obviously it’s not looking good for Cincinnati and Pittsburgh right now [to win the division], but hopefully we can help them out and win Friday and see what happens the next two days,” Sveum said.

Sveum added (in my head): I’m gonna manage the shit out of these games, hopefully Theo, Jed or Theo and Jed will notice how much I care. Anthony Rizzo might be high on the win over the Pirates, but he’s also delusional.


“We have a very tough division,” Anthony Rizzo said after Wednesday’s victory over 16-game winner Francisco Liriano. “We want to play good baseball in St. Louis and go into the winter on a high note.”

I’m interested in good notes involving four homers in a game from you or Stalin Castro.

“The bar is set now,” Rizzo said. “Those teams are young, and they are not going anywhere for years to come. We need to step our game up all around and continue grow as a team and as people.”

Amen, Anthony. The next step is yours to take.

13 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Thursday Headlines: Miracles can happen

  1. Doc Blume says:

    I think the Cubs finally have turned things around after that inspired win yesterday. I expect great things out of them for the rest of this season.

  2. Doc Blume says:

    “Dale Sveum is going to manage this team next year,” said my gut.

  3. Doc Blume says:

    “Ronald” Ha!

  4. FrankS says:

    Keep admiring Pittsburgh. Perhaps the Cubs are going to lose for 20 years before making the playoffs again. If that’s true, I’ll probably be dead by then.

  5. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Maybe the rookie dress up day was not in vain then…

  6. Raythar says:

    Did Julie die of happiness from Reed Johnson punching Carlos Gomez yesterday?

  7. J says:

    Godspeed on the home stretch Bud Selig; may you get A-Rod’s head on a pike as a celebration of your glorious and profitable regnum. I’m sure it will take the Pete Rose fan club all of 35 seconds to start working up the spin so Pete has an outside chance at Cooperstown as a goodwill token from whoever ends up as the new commissioner. I’m pulling for Scott Boras as his ego wouldn’t let him say no and it would preemptively kill the “largest contract” dick-waving contest that will be going on between Boras and Jay-Z.

    1. dabirdguy says:

      It is about time we are shed of this USED CAR SALESMAN.
      I noticed that he did not take credit for the over $50 average ticket prices. He led the charge to TOTALLY screw over the fans. And he could have stopped it by limiting the salaries players are getting.

      1. FrankS says:

        Here’s the deal. There is little relationship between the salaries of players and the cost of tickets. The owners charge the highest ticket price that the market will bear, period. It has nothing to do with the cost to produce their product. The baseball owners aren’t in this for public admiration or thank you’s, but for money. And not just to make a modest sum on their investment, but the maximum amount of money. When people refuse to pay $50 for tickets, the prices will go down.

      2. J says:

        There’s no way Selig could have done anything to slow down player salary growth. That would involve standing up to the Steinbrenners- the thing that cost the Fay Vincent his job. The owners were fine with sacrificing the World Series to finish what they screwed up in collusion, but banning Steinbrenner was the uncrossable line. Selig was no stranger to this history as he was the one who signed off on bringing King George back into baseball as chairman of the executive committee .

  8. gidard says:

    It would be interesting to see how the total runs scored this year compares to other years.
    There were many, many low scores by the Cubs this year.
    Another interesting stat is that 1/3 of our games were a 1-run win/loss.

  9. gidard says:

    Last night I was at a brewery( if you can imagine) and was talking of the wild-card, home-field advantage, and the NL Central races with friends.
    Cardinals had taken lead in home-field advantage from the Braves.
    Someone mentioned how tough St. Louis is to beat at home and I mentioned they were playing their last 3 games at home but they had a powerhouse team coming to play them in the season-ending series.
    Someone asked who this was and with all ears tuned in I matter-of-factly said “The Cubs”.
    There was a roar of laughter and someone said “We should have seen that one coming!”.
    I shrugged and said we’d see and cursed the Dodgers so they wouldn’t sneak in and get home-field advantage after we’ve whupped-up on the Cardinals.

  10. Doc Blume says:

    Peter Gammons believe Brad Ausmus will be managing the Cubs next year.

    That won’t make me too happy…but this is Peter Gammons who has been pretty wrong on a lot of stuff over the last 5 years. He also said Eric Wedge would be the Cubs manager after Lou retired.

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