Chicago Cubs Monday Headlines: Dale’s Big Day

I doubt that any of us were surprised that the Cubs were swept in St. Louis to end yet another dumpster fire of a season. While I could recap yesterday’s game, I don’t care to actually look to see what happened. What’s on everyone’s mind today is the future of one Dale Aloysius Sveum (not sure that’s his real middle name). What was on Dale’s mind after yesterday’s game?image-dale-sveum-chicago-cubs

“You’d be lying if you didn’t have anxiety about what’s going to happen in 24 hours,” Sveum said. “That’s human nature.”

A Miller Lite can on his desk, Sveum sat back in the manager’s office after Sunday’s 4-0 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. He joked about all the questions hanging over his future.

“It’s upon us,” Sveum said, laughing.

How did he get a Miller Lite in Busch Stadium? Did they have to smuggle it in, or is it a part of his contract that Miller Lite be provided for him in every stadium? Even if Theo decides to let Dale go, Dale knows they will be friends forever.

“Theo was honest with everybody that there was evaluation going on with all of us – myself included with the coaches,” Sveum said. “But it doesn’t change your relationship with anybody. It’s just my job to do what I do. And it’s Theo’s job to do what he does.

“Just because there’s an evaluation going on, that doesn’t change (our relationship).”

They still won’t go hunting together. That’s one thing I’m sure won’t change.

One reason to keep Dale around would be that he handles losing well, at least according to James Russell.

“Dale’s handled this better than any other manager in the big leagues could have,” reliever James Russell said. “He hasn’t even had a change in emotions at all. He could have come in here and raised hell, having team meetings, yelling at us to do this and this and this. He’s been even-keel and he’s been perfect for all of us.

“It’s kind of surprising. Sometimes you got to go check and see if he’s got a pulse.”

Undead Dale? At least if he gets fired, he’ll still get paid through next season. And he can do a lot of hunting.

76 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Monday Headlines: Dale’s Big Day

  1. cubbydon says:

    Happy hunting, Dale. Here’s hoping that THIS year you won’t get shot.

  2. Doc Blume says:

    Despite all the signs indicating Dale is gone, my gut still tells me he’s going to be around another year.

    1. FrankS says:

      If he is, then fuck the Cubs. Theo and the Superfriends made a mistake. It can be corrected by removing the mistake. To keep him around for another season means there will be no progress by our core players again next year. FIE!

      1. Doc Blume says:

        I’m also wondering about the “awkward” factor if Dale was to stay next year. Everyone, including Dale, would know he was a lame duck going into ’14.

      2. dabirdguy says:

        The lameness of our “Core players” has been exposed. They are just not as good as hyped. That is hardly Dale’s fault.

  3. Doc Blume says:

    #dalewatch is in full swing on Twitter right now.

  4. Doc Blume says:

    Dale and the coaches are all arriving at the ballpark.

  5. Doc Blume says:

    Ricketts has arrived at Wrigley and is in the clubhouse.

    Oh the suspense!

  6. Doc Blume says:

    Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Dale Sveum is fired.

  7. Doc Blume says:

    Ron Gardenhire has been given a contract extension with the Twins…so remove that name from your list.

  8. Doc Blume says:

    Dave Kaplan is now confirming…

    Dale Sveum is gone.

  9. Doc Blume says:

    Dave Kaplan is reporting that Joe Girardi is indeed the Cubs target right now.

  10. Raythar says:

    Doc is all over this!

    1. dabirdguy says:

      Yup. Theo is in full CYA mode.

  11. juliedicaro says:

    I TOLD you guys this weeks ago. Next time, perhaps you’ll believe me.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      We never listen to you.

  12. J says:

    Was it just Dale or is the entire MLB coaching staff shitcanned?

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Nothing has been stated about the rest of the staff. I would assuming that Jed and Theo want to get a replacement in asap and let the new manager decide who to keep and who to let go.

  13. dabirdguy says:

    The team’s performance was not Dale’s fault. They played at the talent’s level and played decent baseball in all teachable skills. They ran the bases well, and played good defense. The offense and the bullpen sucked seriously. The lack of arms and the lack of a true 3 4 OR 5 hitter in the lineup is NOT Dale’s fault either.

    Rizzo is a marginally adequate hitter who peaked last year, The league has him figured out and he isNOT gonna get any better.
    Castro is a head case with the attention span of a two year old. He MIGHT be a player if he grows up. I doubt this will occur.

    Dale was just a scapegoat. They will need another one in 1-2 years.

    Girardi is smart enough NOT to take the job.

    1. J says:

      Girardi wanted the job when the Cubs were shackled by aging players on player friendly contracts and nothing in the minors of note. Which other job do you think he wants? The only advantage the Yankees have over the Cubs right now in terms of long term potential is the new stadium.

      1. dabirdguy says:

        Last go around he used the Cubs as leverage. He will do the same again this time.
        The only variable is IF the Yankees call his bluff.
        In New York he commands the highest $$ in endorsements and appearance fees. They love him there. He’s got his rings. Now it’s all about the dollars.
        It will take HUGE dollars to get him out of NY. Wasn’t Ownerfanboy just crying broke a little while ago?

      2. Doc Blume says:

        The Yankees have more money too.

        And they don’t have the weight of 105 years of losing on their backs.

      3. dabirdguy says:

        John Arguello says that Girardi has recently purchased a home (mansion in his words) in New York. That doesn’t sound like a guy on the move.

    1. Raythar says:

      Basically what’s been being said for weeks: They don’t think Sveum is the guy that can develop the prospects that are coming up. #GirardiWatch is in full effect.

    2. Doc Blume says:

      I read that…and looked at the qualifications for a new manager…and I’m thinking, except for the ML experience, would be a pretty good fit.

      I’m not sure Girardi is the ideal match.

  14. J says:

    Why do I have the feeling that Groggles-gate was the “communication issue” nail in the coffin for Dale? It seems like the front office said “get Stroop some mound time in the 9th” and Dale told Groggles “front office has other plans for the 9th.” Theo has to come smooth things over after Groggles went off range because Theo realizes that the Cubs have zero internal options that will perform as well as Gregg in the first half of 2014.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      I have a good feeling you are correct.

    2. dabirdguy says:

      They don’t hav e Gregg either . He’s a Free Agent.

      1. J says:

        Very true, but the Cubs still get first crack at him. With Dale gone, my guess is Gregg would stick around another year or two with the understanding that he at some point moves from closer to set up man once a younger arm is ready to close. Gregg just doesn’t have the make-up of a closer for a contender, but he’s been pretty damn impressive as a stopgap solution. A 3.5 mil for 2014, a team option at 4 mil for 2015 (1 mil buyout) and the Cubs have one less question to answer in spring training.

        1. dabirdguy says:

          Gregg wasn’t all that good the last 1-2 months. I doubt he will close for ANYONE next year. There were no takers for him at the trading deadline.

          1. J says:

            The Cubs were his taker at the trade deadline. Again, he’s not good enough to close for a contender, but he’ll do just fine until either Parker or Stroop figure out how to get MLB hitters out consistently. Btw- Can you point to anyone on the Cubs who was good the last 2 months? If not, it seems pretty unfair to single out Kevin Gregg.

            1. dabirdguy says:

              The last 2 months of the season exposed the complete lack of talent on the roster. The team would have had a difficult time competing at AA level.
              I picked out Gregg because someone said he would be a good choice for closer NEXT year. I think he will be worse tahn his last 2 months next year. He’s done.

              1. J says:

                That would be me who said he’s be a good choice for closer next year seeing as there are no other viable options for a pitcher on the Cubs with 30 saves next year. Gregg is getting towards the end of his career, but without a suitable replacement ready to take the job I see no reason not to at least offer him a contract and the closer job until there’s a better option ready to go. How do I know there isn’t a replacement ready to take the job? Because the Gregg finished out the season as the closer with no new candidates getting an audition. If someone else was ready to take the job, they would have done it already. An elite closer for the Cubs is the last piece of the puzzle and will probably be a front of the rotation AA prospect who gets converted after Tommy John surgery. Gregg will do just fine in the meantime.

  15. johnnywest333 says:

    This is an outrage! jk

  16. Doc Blume says:

    So…any thoughts as to who on the coaching staff you’d like to see stay?

    I’ve been happy with Chris Bosio and Dave McKay…

    The rest I could really care less about.

    1. dabirdguy says:

      I agree about both, especially McKay. I even think he might be a replacement candidate.

    2. J says:

      McKay can stay. Everyone else needs to pack it on up and look for roving instructor jobs.

  17. dabirdguy says:

    I predict that the new manager will NOT be one of the big names currently floating around.

    My dark horse candidate is Tony La Russa.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      If this was 10 years ago…I’d love to have LaRussa. But he’s 68. He’s almost dead, making him a poor choice if you are looking for someone to be a long term solution.

  18. johnnywest333 says:

    I think Bosio left starters in to long and took them out to early on occasions as well. I think the Cubs led the league in most runs allowed in the first inning. Whos fault is that? It’s an honest question. Was the defense at fault? Were the pitchers warming up enough before the game or was Bosio hoping that would happen as the game progressed? We lost to many one run games period. What is the solution to that? How many games would we have won if we hadn’t allowed a run in the first?

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Bosio really isn’t in charge of pitching changes. That’s the manager’s job.

      1. johnnywest333 says:

        True, however it is Bosios job to make sure that the pitcher is warmed up good before the game.

  19. johnnywest333 says:

    McKay gets a pass but fresh faces would be nice.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Obviously a new voice offensively would be good to have, though I find hitting coaches to be pretty close to useless.

  20. Doc Blume says:

    Rumor is that Tom Tunney and the rooftop owners are pissed about the firing of Dale Sveum…concerned that a new manager might impact rooftop revenues.

    1. Raythar says:

      This cannot be serious.

      1. Doc Blume says:

        Am I ever serious?

    2. J says:

      Go team Ricketts. Starve the blood sucking parasites.

  21. dabirdguy says:

    Studying on this I really feel this was a bad thing:
    1. Everyone is on about the regression of Ratso and Castro. What about the emergence of Smarj and Castillo. What about the fact he got the best of the little talent in Sheirhotz and the others?
    2. Castro may get the idea he can get the manager fired and that he is more important than the manager (not that he doesn’t have that now..).
    3. Like the Seattle situation or the Miami fiasco, it lets the league know that this is not a good place to work, possibly due to ownership meddling..
    4. Part of me says it is grandstanding to try and stop the bleeding in ticket sales.
    5. I would feel a lot better if Dale was offered another position in the organization. This firing tells me that there is no loyalty to guys who worked hard and did their best.
    6. Smart successful teams help their people thru the hard times ( see Minnesota, St. Louis).
    7. Change for change’s sake is NEVER good.
    8. A new manager is NOT gonna make the 2014 Cubs better.
    9. NO manager is gonna make the 2014 Rizzo or Castro better.
    10. All a manager can do is get the players to play hard and teach fundamentals. Dale did that. None of the previous managers were able to do that.
    11. Dale and his coaches did teach the teachable skills well.
    12. Last of all this reeks of grandstanding and Theo and company covering their collective asses. Better to look like they were solving the problem.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      1. Samardzija, I give that to Samardzija doing that on his own, and work with Bosio.

      Castillo…yes…you’ve got a point there. But I don’t think Jed and Theo thought Castillo would be a key piece to this team. He has ended up being a bonus for them.

      As far as the others like Schierholtz, it is true that Dale did get some improved performances out of some place holder players like Nate, but the focus now is on the young players just breaking into the league, and there isn’t much good that Sveum could put on his resume as far as that is concerned (except Castillo).

      2. I honestly don’t think Castro gives a damn who his manager is. It’s just not important to him.

      3. I didn’t know Theo and/or Jed owned the team.

      4. Possibly. There may be some pressure internally to start putting together a better team to increase ticket demand.

      5. Any position in the organization would be regarded as a demotion. Better to let Dale have a chance to find another job somewhere else.

      6. Yes…if the said person has had a prior history of success.

      7. So losing almost 200 games over the last two years with young talent regressing is ok with you?

      8. It’s not going to make them worse.

      9. I’m sure there are managers out there that could help these two out, or at least put in place some coaches (how aren’t your buddies from your playing days) to help.

      10. You think this team was good at fundamentals? Have you actually watched them the last two years?

      11. Not really. The things they tried to improve upon, including smart baserunning, patient hitting and so on really never took hold in many of the players who had been here before Dale & Co. arrived.

      12. It looks to me like Jed and Theo feel that this team is now at the point where they expect vast improvement over the next couple years compared with the tearing down they were doing that last two years. Nothing more and nothing less than that. Now they are trying to put the team into position to compete in the next couple years now that they feel their infrastructure is place for this organization.

      1. dabirdguy says:

        2. True. A headcase is a headcase.
        3. I realy think this is Ricketts saying there needs to be a change made. I’m not sure that Theo and the boys are really that unhappy with Dale.
        5. The offer and Dale declining it would say the right thing.
        7. Again you appraise the “young talent” at a level I do not. I think that their decline is far more than sophomore jinx. I think it is their inability to cope and adopt at this level. They just are NOT that good, and were playing over their heads. The league now knows how to get them out and exploit the flaws in their talent.

        1. Doc Blume says:

          3. I don’t see Ricketts having any influence on this. The whole Gregg incident should tell you enough about how Theo/Jed felt about the handling of this ballclub right now.

          5. When, ever, has a manager in baseball, who executive management has felt has done a poor job, been offered another position within the organization? It’s a pointless gesture. Completely pointless.

          7. If that is true, fine, but Jed and Theo believe these guys are more than they had shown this past year. On top of that, they’ve made long term commitments to these players, and if Jed and Theo feel their development isn’t going as planned, it is up to Jed and Theo to do what they can to try to prove themselves right about those players. It’s not change for change sake. It’s change for the sake of improving. (And I don’t believe in the sophomore jinx. Good players and coaches are able to avoid or cope with this.)

        2. J says:

          2. a headcase who can pound out singles isn’t the worst thing to have on team.
          3. if this is a problem with you, offer to buy the team from the Ricketts and do it “the right way”
          5. and what if he accepts? would you want to be the manager of a team knowing that the old manager was kept around like Chris Rock’s proverbial “dick in a glass jar”?
          7. the holes in a young player’s game get amplified if the team is expecting the young players to carry the team. having veterans who have been through the tough times to take you under their wing is huge for player development. A Giambi type player on the team would have gone a long, long way towards helping Castro and Rizzo find their way this year.

          1. dabirdguy says:

            Soriano was here but he was the WRONG GUY for that role.

  22. johnnywest333 says:

    Would love to hear Kim DeJesus give her take on all of this.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      I would love to hear Kim DeJesus give her take on just about anything.

  23. juliedicaro says:

    I don’t think Theo makes this move unless he thinks he can get Girardi or a Mike Maddux in there. I’m told talks with Girardi are further along than more people think – FWIW.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me.

      There was a time I would have been happy with Girardi.

      I don’t know…I guess I’m not as impressed with him now as I was when he left Florida.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dale got fired!

    1. Doc Blume says:


  25. dabirdguy says:

    I’d rather have GREG Maddux as the manager.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Based on what?

      Mike Maddux has a pretty impressive track record as a coach to this point. Does that translate into a good manager? Maybe…maybe not.

      Greg Maddux hasn’t really done much of anything to justify that he would be a good manager or even a good coach.

  26. sloanpeterson2 says:

    L.A. sports radio is reporting Cubs front office asked Artie Moreno to talk to Mike S., and this time they got the o.k. Perhaps a back-up in case Girardi stays with the Yankees?

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Last I heard, it was becoming likely that both Sciocia and DiPoto where staying. But if Scioscia becomes available…the Cubs would be in a pretty sweet position to get one of the top managers in baseball.

  27. Doc Blume says:

    Brian Cashman has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow.


    1. J says:

      Seems to me, that he wants to talk about it
      Seems to me, he’ll just turn his pretty head and walk away

  28. Doc Blume says:

    The Cubs are throwing out a bunch of stuff at Wrigley today (not just Dale)…

    All the banners with the player’s pictures (as if any of those guys are still around) and cards sent when Ron Santo died.

    1. johnnywest333 says:

      Did they throw out Barney too?

  29. Doc Blume says:

    The Cubs coaches have all been told that they are free to look for other jobs.

    1. johnnywest333 says:

      They should charge them to look for other jobs.

  30. Doc Blume says:

    If the whole coaching staff is turned over, I find that to be a bit disturbing. There must be some pieces that are acceptable to retain…right?

    1. J says:

      Perhaps they are using the ability for the next manager to build his coaching staff from nose to toes as the bait to get their guy. If the next manager wants any of those guys around, he can offer them a position on his staff.

    2. juliedicaro says:

      Theo just said the new manager will hire his own staff, but some coaches will receive “strong recommendations” from the front office. In other words, Chris Bosio.

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