Chicago Cubs Independence Day Headlines/Game Thread

The Chicago Cubs went into last night’s game with high hopes for Matt Garza to pitch well. Of course, we all want to see him pitch well and lead the Cubs to victory, but there were also numerous scouts on hand to watch him. We’d like those scouts convince their front offices that they need to send billions of top prospects to the Cubs in exchange for Garza’s services. Garza didn’t disappoint, holding the A’s to one run on four hits in eight innings pitched as the Cubs beat the A’s 3-1. Dale Sveum was full of superlatives.

“That was as good as I’ve seen him in two years,” manager Dale Sveum said. “That’s as impressive as you’re going to get.”matt-garza

It’s really just one year that he’s seen him, what with Garza missing most of the second half last year and a good portion of the first half this year. Apparently Garza doesn’t have much anxiety about being traded, either that or he’s able not to let himself be affected by it on the mound.

“I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: For six, seven years, my name’s been thrown around there,” Garza said. “So until my phone rings, I’m going to be a Cub. We’ll see.”

Matt just wants to help his team get to October, which is looking like a distinct possibility once he’s traded from the Cubs.

“Just got to keep it up,” Garza said. “My job right now is to try to get my team to October and we’re scratching and clawing our way back in one of the toughest divisions right now. We’re just gonna keep playing and keep going and see where it ends up.”

Would you like another shot at October this year, wherever that may be?

“I just love pitching in October and I’d love to take this team to October,” Garza said. “It would be one hell of a ride, I’ll tell you that. So right now, October sounds like a lot of fun, but I got to get past the next five days.”

I will miss Mr. Garza if/when he’s traded. His competitiveness is a bright spot on this team, as is his pitching.

On to today’s game, which features Travis Wood (5-6, 2.85) pitching against Dan Straily (4-2, 5.00). There is no lineup information as of yet, but game time is 3:05 Central, and you’ll be able to watch on WGN today.

11 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Independence Day Headlines/Game Thread

  1. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Happy fourth of july !

  2. Doc Blume says:

    The Cubs really need to trade Garza and Gregg now. Their value isn’t likely to get any higher before the trade deadline.

    Happy 4th, everyone!

  3. cubsluver22 says:

    Happy 4th to All. Its being implied that our FO has possibly found a loophole and is saying FU to the CBA and is gonna continue to shop and spend big on Intl FA’s.

  4. sloanpeterson2 says:

    It looks like a nice day for baseball in Oakland today….

  5. cubsluver22 says:

    Villanueva will start tommorrow

  6. cubsluver22 says:

    Waving Wendell jr just got Castro threw out by a 1/2 mile

  7. cubsluver22 says:

    Why did Bogusevic get pulled from the game? Did he get traded?

    1. cubsluver22 says:


  8. cubsluver22 says:

    The other Wood flashing the leather

  9. cubsluver22 says:

    Castro base hit here comes Nate with 2 outs

  10. cubsluver22 says:

    Error 2 on 2 out in the 9th here comes Soriano

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