Chicago Cubs Game Thread: Raining Again

The skies have been open out here in the Western burbs for a while. Then it stopped for a bit. But they’re getting ready to open up again, so I’m not too sure how much of this game they’ll get in tonight, but it’s worth a shot.

sharkyThe Cubs continued to play musical chairs with their pitching staff again today, placing Rafael Dolis on the 15-day DL, selecting the contract of Blake Parker from Iowa (“Blake Parker” sounds like a hot guy’s name. Is he hot? Anyone know?), and designating Alex Burnett for assignment. And Michael Bowden continues to languish in Iowa.

Tonight Jeff Samardzija (3-6, 2.85) and the Cubs’ 5-game win streak takes the mound for the Cubs. Apropos of nothing, Spellcheck was described by Gordon Wittenmeyer this week on The Score as having a “big, healthy ego.” And I laughed.

For the Diamonbacks, it’ll be Ian Kennedy(2-3,4.70).

Tonight’s lineup:


Hey, did you miss yesterday’s Wrigley Talk Friday, wherein Adam declared that Jeff Samardzija will be gone by August 1? Good news! You can listen here.

First pitch come up shortly (they’re currently in a rain delay) on FOX.