Chicago Cubs Game Thread: Farewell A.L.

so long

Is it so long, farewell A.L. or L.A? Either way buh,bye!

With the Cubs putting the smack-down on the Angels yesterday our beloved baby boys in blue will attempt to crack the whip one more time and for the final time this year on the American League. The Cubs (40-48) seek their 14th win in 20 interleague games in 2013 when they host the Los Angeles Angels (43-46) on Wednesday night.

The Halos are led by the “Cub Killer” Albert Pujols who always seems to find a way to put the ball out of the yard at Wrigley. Our shark (Samardzija) will attempt to limit his action and will look to bounce back from a rough outing after three consecutive strong starts. Pujols  is 5 for 12 with two home runs against Jeffrey.

The Red Coats will be sending C.J. Wilson (8-6 3.49) to the front line. We will be countering the battle with our long range sniper the red hot Alfonso Soriano. Fonzie shot 2 out yesterday which gives him 5 kills in the last 4 games.

Our soldiers today consist of:

Sappelt RF
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Barney 2B
Castillo C
Borbon CF
Samardzija P

War time: 7:05 PM CT

Don’t forget that General Julie will be throwing out the first pitch tomorrow night  against the stinkin’ Cardinals. I’ll try to get the video footage.

Go Big Blue!!!



14 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Game Thread: Farewell A.L.

  1. johnnywest333 says:

    The game is on WGN.

  2. cubsluver22 says:

    Just read the Chad Gaudin story again. After all my years working for the dept of justice I think that’s even a new one for me. I have seen some real scumbags but he might have reached an all time high. Wow!

    1. johnnywest333 says:

      And Shark has just reached his all time low…

      1. cubsluver22 says:

        Umm yep

  3. Doc Blume says:

    I’m not liking this game too much.

  4. sloanpeterson2 says:

    I just got home to hear the chipper tones of the La/OC/anaheim Angels, andI knew theCubs were losing.

  5. cubsluver22 says:

    Rizzo RBI

  6. cubsluver22 says:

    Pujols oh my

  7. cubsluver22 says:

    Another by Hamilton omg

  8. johnnywest333 says:

    “Hi Im Dale Svuem. I’m just going to let Jeff embarrass himself until he decides to pitch better, I mean what’s 8 runs to his ego? He’s a shark”.

  9. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Dale’s was just helping Spellcheck showcase his pitching to other clubs…

    1. johnnywest333 says:

      Yeah what she said…

  10. Doc Blume says:

    Leave it to the Cubs to make Hamilton and Pujols good again.

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