Chicago Cubs Saturday game thread: Brett Jackson, bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

Before we get to today’s game thread, we have a pressing matter to address. Um, do you know where Brett Jackson is? Because the Cubs don’t:

The 24-year-old Cubs prospect landed on the disabled list late last month but has been missing from the Iowa clubhouse since.

Jackson, who was placed on the disabled list with a right calf strain on June 22, is no longer listed on the Iowa team roster.

Iowa manager Marty Pevey wouldn’t shed any light on Jackson’s whereabouts.

“He’s not here,” Pevey said.

Pevey said he didn’t know if Jackson had ventured to the Cubs’ extended spring training facility in Mesa, Ariz.

Have you seen this adorable man?

Have you seen this adorable man?

I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of “The Cubs Way” (yet), but I feel like knowing if your players are at the extended Spring Training facility or not should be something that’s covered. Also: THANKS A LOT, IAN STEWART. Your little hiatus from Iowa clearly highlighted the Iowa Cubs’ inability to keep track of their players. Like Achilles’ heel, the rest of the team now knows they’re free to be running, willy nilly, all over Des Moines. Now it’s going to be impossible to round them all up.

This year clearly hasn’t been a good one for Brett Jackson, who found himself on the DL after a 2013 brutal season,  in which he hit only .232 at Iowa and wasn’t even considered as a replacement for the injured David DeJesus. And after being the top prospect in the farm system for years, it can’t have been easy for Jackson to watch  the likes of Jorge Soler and Jose Baez rise through the system and leave his projections in the rear view mirror.

Are we ready to apply the “bust” label to Brett Jackson? Keep in mind, he’s not even 25 years old yet. Here’s to hoping Jackson finds his way back to Iowa (are you lost, Brett? Where are you? Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!), and turns this season around. And if you do happen to run into a sad, injured, adorable blonde CFer on the streets of Iowa, please return him to the Iowa Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs, minus Brett Jackson, get ready to face the hated Cardinals again this afternoon, with Matt Garza (5-1, 3.22) heading to the hill to face Lance Lynn (11-3, 3.67). By the way, does anyone know if Lance Lynn is related to Loretta Lynn? I’d really like to know.

First pitch is at 6:15 pm CT on FOX.  Lineup to come.

11 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Saturday game thread: Brett Jackson, bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

  1. juliedicaro says:

    Carrie Muskat is reporting that Jackson is close to returning and may go to Tennessee. Still doesn’t say if anyone knows where he is.

    1. sloanpeterson2 says:

      Maybe he was kidnapped by Aliens, like the basketball guy…

    2. J says:

      My guess is that he’s hanging out with cousin Edward Snowden. If not, then NSA knows where he is.

    3. cubbydon says:

      Since I live in the Des Moines area, I felt it was my responsibility to look for him. I checked all over my house – - even behind the refrigerator – - but he’s not here.

      I’ll keep looking. I haven’t checked the garage or tool shed yet . . . .

  2. dabirdguy says:

    The bark twice comment was perfect.
    He’s a dog with VERY LARGE fleas. He’s a quality AA player at best.

  3. gidard says:

    wonder which game FUX will show in the Albuquerque area.
    Probably the Rangers.

    1. sloanpeterson2 says:

      We get the Dodgers, lucky us….

  4. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Julie’s boyfriend Karros is doing the Fox game instead of Scully…..

  5. cubsluver22 says:

    Brett Jackson got droned then was sent off to the zombie apocalypse.

  6. sloanpeterson2 says:

    Cubs are ahead – you think Texas is watching the game?

  7. juliedicaro says:

    Carrie Muskat says Jackson is rehabbing in AZ. No explanation for why his manager didn’t know that.

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