Chicago Cubs and you: Five questions

There’s little to no new Cubs news to day, and NO, I don’t want to talk about “5 Outs” or “Catching Hell” or “Steve Bartman” on Biography or whatever anymore. Honestly, I wish people would forgot his name so he could live a normal life.

Soooo, here’s a handy little thing we’re going to call “5 Questions.” I have five questions, you have five answers. Let’s do this thing.

1. Of the candidates that have been mentioned thus far, who is your first choice for Chicago Cubs manager?

2. Is there anything better than hearing that ARod’s attorney Joe Tacopina “bull-rushed” another attorney? 

3. Jeff Samardzija: Is he with the Cubs on August 1, 2014?

4. What is the earliest date you think the Cubs will be competitive?

5. What beer SHOULD they serve at Wrigley?

Bonus question: What will you do if the Cardinals make it to the World Series again?

32 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs and you: Five questions

  1. cubbydon says:

    1. Dave Martinez
    2. Very few things
    3. Yes
    4. August 1, 2015
    5. Old Style
    Bonus: The same thing I do EVERY time they make it to the World Series: root for the American League team (otherwise, I always root for the NL)

  2. 1. I can’t stand listening to the manager argument anymore!!!!
    2. I didn’t hear about that, but that’s great!
    3. I hope not. I don’t think he lived up to expectations this year
    4. I’d say 2016 or so
    5. Something that makes them unique; that’s what I liked about Old Style being served there. The Orioles sell Natty Boh like crazy since it’s based out of Baltimore. The Cubs should have something like that too!

    Bonus: Other than cry and throw things out of anger, switch my loyalty to the Red Sox (I’m guessing) since they’re almost like the AL version of the Cubs. Well, except for the fact that they’ve won two World Series in the past 10 years. Still better than the Cards!

    1. NotAgain says:

      I supported for the Sox winning the first (modern) one. After the second, their fans became insufferable twats and now I root against them.

      1. Haha fair enough. My boyfriend is actually a Red Sox fan so I pretty much have to root for them at this point. We’ve decided our relationship is over if the Cubs and Sox ever meet in the World Series ;)

  3. Dwer says:

    1) Martinez, but I’d prefer they talk to Willie Randolph
    2) Only the lamentation of their women.
    3) Yes.
    4) Well, all teams have the same record on opening day. But I think you’re asking when will they contend, and I think that there’s a chance they contend for the wild card in 2014 if Castro and Rizzo return to form. I think we’re in the playoffs maybe in 2015, definitely 2016. Assuming everything goes well, of course.
    5) Vodka and Orange Juice.
    Bonus: Root for Detroit.

  4. J says:

    1) Ozzie Guillen
    2) maybe, but it hasn’t happened yet
    3) no. Either traded or on the DL and rehabbing in Arizona
    4) will be- 2015 could be- 2014
    5) I think the Cubs should buy a microbrew in the Chicago area, scale up production to keep up with a brewpup and the ballpark, and turn it into the house beer at Wrigley. Added benefit of year round profits coming in from the Destination BrewPub. Give up ad space for TV broadcasts to whoever wants to pay for it, but apparently there’s enough loot in booze to pay tons of money for ad space and preferred contracts that could go into the upkeep of Wrigley Field.

    Bonus: refuse all phone calls from my mom’s side of the family for the next few weeks.

  5. psymar says:

    1. Girardi, except he’s been resigned by the Yankees. I honestly don’t know who the other candidates were. Is Jack McKeon still alive?

    2. Potentially.

    3. Probably.

    4. 2015

    5. No opinion; I don’t drink alcohol.

    1. psymar says:

      Oh, I missed the bonus.
      Bonus: Keep following English futbol.

  6. chadwalters425 says:

    1. I’m super bummed that Girardi did not make the switch. Everyone else, to me, is tied for second.

    2. Lots of things, like pizza and intercourse, but this is pretty funny.

    3. I don’t think so.

    4. They will be competitive in 2014, but in a 2011/2012 Pirates type fashion – bolstered by a good start but simply falling off toward the end.

    5. I would love to see a beer stand that could make a genuine Black and Tan.

    Bonus question: The Cubs and Cardinals and their levels of success are independent to me. I couldn’t care less about the Cardinals winning the series because I care more about the Cubs figuring their own crap out first.

  7. Bob in Madison says:

    1. Dave Martinez, I guess. None of the others is particularly compelling.
    2. Hearing that the Saint Louis Cardinals have lost their next three games.
    3. No.
    4. Post All-Star break 2014. Of course, that means the first half of this year may be disheartening…
    5. Don’t know much about beer. But it would be nice if martini vendors were allowed to roam the grandstands.
    Bonus: Hope they lose, and keep up with the always-hilarious Best Fans St Louis Twitter feed.

  8. 1. Cindy Sandberg
    2. Not much
    3. Kevin Foster has a better chance of being good, no to Samardzija.
    4. All Star break 2014
    5. Revolution Anti-Hero because that will be symbolic of the roster.

  9. NotAgain says:

    1. Dave Martinez I suppose.
    2. Nothing comes immediately to mind.
    3. Nope.
    4. Off-season winter 2015-2016.
    5. Dog Style all the way!

    Admire ONCE AGAIN how they’ve managed to build one of the most impressive organizations from top to bottom in all of professional team sports. And hate them also again.

    1. NotAgain says:

      Meant to make that a link…

  10. JJ Fannin says:

    1. I’m not excited by any of the names
    2. The Cardinals losing 3 straight and not making the World Series would be better
    3. I think Samalphabet will be gone by August 1st and maybe much sooner
    4. 2015
    5. I despise alcohol so in a perfect world, they wouldn’t serve any beer but that will never happen

  11. Doc Blume says:

    I got through about 35 minutes of “5 Outs” last night…could bare to watch the rest.

  12. Doc Blume says:

    Ok…here we go…

    1. I’m still waiting for the Cubs to call me back about the managerial job. I mean, if they’re interviewing AJ Hinch…I must have a chance, right?
    2. Yes. I could give about a dozen things that are better.
    3. He sticks around
    4. We’ve been over this…Spring 2084
    5. Anything from Goose Island.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Bonus: I’ve already gone ahead and just assumed the Cardinals will win it all…which will result in me going into a deep long depression all winter hiding out in a corner of my basement sitting on the floor rocking back and forth saying quietly to myself, “The pain makes me stronger…The pain makes me stronger.” while eating nothing but KitKat bars.

  13. Raythar says:

    1. I am fully on board the Sandy Alomar Jr wagon.

    2. The Cardinals losing a series after being up 3-1

    3. No. He’ll get flipped come the winter meetings for bonus prospects.

    4. 2015!!

    5. Blue Moon.

    Bonus question: Cheer really hard for the AL champ.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      I’ve pitted my last hopes on the Tigers…if they don’t come back and win that series, my TV stays off until November.

      1. Raythar says:

        I really don’t want to deal with listening to Buck have an orgasm every time the Cardinals get on base. If st louis goes down early in the WS, i’ll tune back in.

  14. Doc Blume says:

    You know…this stupid ass argument about Old Style at Wrigley is just way out of whack…

    Here are some facts:

    -Old Style is still going to be available at Wrigley…it just isn’t going to be sold by the vendors walking around the ballpark.

    -Old Style isn’t even close to the most popular beer at Wrigley. Bud Light is. If Old Style is so important for Cubs fans, what don’t they actually buy it?

    -Ask any of the vendors if they would rather sell Old Style or Budweiser and every single one of them would say Budweiser. All the veteran vendors who have their choice on what to sell will carry Budweiser and Bud Light.

    -Right now there are dozens of different beers besides Old Style available at Wrigley throughout the ballpark.

    1. juliedicaro says:

      I don’t drink Old Style, anyway. Why can’t we get a good beer, like 312 or Heineken?

      1. NotAgain says:

        “Heineken? Fuck that shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

  15. juliedicaro says:

    Keith Moreland’s contract is up. Re-sign him?

    1. NotAgain says:

      No. I can’t stand him.

  16. dabirdguy says:

    1. Mikeeeee! Everybody like Mikee!
    2. Not hearing from ANY attorneys would be MUCH better.
    3. Yes.
    4. July 2015
    5. Near Beer.

    I will hide here in my bunker and not got outside amongst the heathens. Their satanic rites are not for mine own eyes, nor for those of my loved ones.

  17. johnnywest333 says:

    1. Doc Blume
    2. Seeing a lawyer shove their foot inside of ARod.
    3. Shark will be gone.
    4. Allstar break 2014
    5. St. Ides

    Bonus: Detroit. I once met a cool gal there.

    1. Doc Blume says:

      Ok…I got Johnny’s vote…that pretty much makes it unanimous…right?

  18. sloanpeterson2 says:

    1. Rick Sutcliffe
    2. No.
    3. No. Spellcheck will announce his return to football, and sign with the L.A. KISS and meet his new quarterback and BFF Tim Tebow.
    4. Define “competitive”.
    5. I do not drink beer, but I would say Guinness, because you can serve it with ice cream and I like their commercials.
    Bonus- A sigh of relief that the LA Puigs and their Rally Bear will not soil the television waves again.

  19. johnnywest333 says:

    Competitive means that they won’t need to use a “Tee” at the plate anymore.

  20. juliedicaro says:

    Love seeing all the new faces here today. Thanks for playing!

  21. hippy says:

    Don’t have an opinion on the next manager, prefer not to read or hear about the Yankee Fraud, most likely yes, 2015, free and cold and the same thing I’d be doing if they didn’t make the WS.


    Cigarette: A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool on the other.
    Tears: The hydraulic force by which masculine will-power is defeated by feminine water power.
    Conference Room: A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everyone disagrees later on.

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