Chicago Bulls Jump To The 7th Spot In The East

Credit: CBS Chicago

Credit: CBS Chicago

The Chicago Bulls jumped from the 9th spot to the 7th spot after their 94-82 victory over the Boston Celtics. After this victory, the Bulls are now 8-7 at home and 13-18 overall in the Eastern Conference. In this particular game, no one played more than 34 minutes, which is quite rare. Coach Tom Thibodeau usually will have Noah, Deng, and/or Butler playing 40+ minutes no matter who their opponent is. It was noticeable that Coach Thibodeau made a conscious effort to somewhat evenly balance the minutes, especially for the starters.

Joakim Noah led the Bulls in scoring, rebounds, and assists as the Bulls ran their offense through him for the majority of the game. Noah nearly had a triple-double with 17 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Carlos Boozer also had a decent night with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Boozer shot 50% (8/16) from the field in 30 minutes of playing time. The Chicago Bulls held the Celtics to just 39.5% from the field. Although, as far as percentages, the Bulls did not shoot nearly any better with 41.7%, they still managed to lead in scoring. As usual, Taj Gibson provided a spark from off the bench with 12 points and 5 rebounds. Those 12 points mostly came from dunks or hustle plays to get the Chicago Bulls fired up. Mike Dunleavy had several good plays that contributed to the Bulls’ victory. Dunleavy shot 4/7 (57%) from the field and was 2/2 (50%) from behind the arc.

Coach Tom Thibodeau picked up another technical due to his frustration with the referees. Throughout this particular game, the referees were very whistle happy. The refs weren’t allowing either team to maintain an offensive rhythm because they wouldn’t just let them play. They were making bad calls and missing calls, which caused players to become frustrated also.

The Bulls were out-rebounded by the Celtics, but did manage to score easily in the paint against Boston. Chicago scored 48 of their 94 points in the paint due to the Celtics not having many big bodies under the basket. Also, Chicago’s bench scored a collective 30 points to help the starters with the scoring load.

The Atlanta Hawks will be the next team to face the Chicago Bulls in the United Center on Saturday. The game will air at 8pm ET on WGN (local).

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