Orioles’s Chris Davis reaches 40 homers, generally impresses city of Baltimore

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Chris Davis is good at hitting baseballs a very long way away. To put how good he is in perspective, let me just quote Orioles beat writer Britt Ghiroli really quickly here: With two outs, Davis crushed a 1-0 low fastball deep to right field. His 40th of the season was also his fourth career […]

Orioles: Nolan Reimold Is Not Good At Staying Alive

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If the MLB season had a zombie apocalypse AU, I can guarantee you that Nolan Reimold would be one of the first to die. For the second year in a row, Reimold is having season-ending surgery. This time around, it’s corrective surgery. To quote Britt Ghiroli: Reimold, who was officially placed on the 15-day disabled […]

Apologies, Apologies…

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I would like to apologize to everyone who regularly visits this website for not posting regularly. I’ve been struggling with my thyroid again and it’s been making it very hard for me to keep up with everything I do – namely my real-life job, my webcomic work, and this website. Hopefully I’ll return to writing […]

Game 5: Twins 6, Orioles 5

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No history for Chris Davis. I’m going to go and pout now. I’m also pouting because the Orioles had plenty of chances to win this game and they blew them, and in the end, they managed to blow a hold, as well. Normally Jim Johnson’s a solid fellow, but he’s allowed to lose once in […]

Game 4: Orioles 9, Twins 5

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Once again, grad school has gotten in the way of my life as a baseball fan. Here is a very succinct recap of yesterday’s affair with everything you need to know: CHRIS DAVIS Please resume normal activities now and have a photo of my dogs watching the Mets.

Game 3: Orioles 6, Rays 3

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The Orioles and Rays played a Noah’s Ark game, with all of the runs coming in twos: Orioles score two runs in the 2nd Rays score two runs in the 5th Orioles answer with two runs in the 6th Orioles add two more runs in the 8th Then things got weird. The Rays staged a […]

Game 2: Rays 8, Orioles 7

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Well, at least they tried. Things were going swimmingly until the bullpen decided to have a bad game. Eh, better to get it out of the way early so that it doesn’t happen later on, right? Oh, but they got a compliment from Joe Maddon: BEHAVE IN THE SANDBOX, ORIOLES, OR WE’LL HAVE TO LEAVE […]

Game 1: Orioles 7, Rays 4, And Steph Watches In Class

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Another Opening Day has come and gone, and the Orioles won. It’s been a good one. I’m a little more dedicated to this sport than the average human. Today, though, I took a new leap – I did the most delinquent, naughty thing I’ve ever done in my life. I watched the Orioles game in […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Roderick Bernadina, #31

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Roger Bernadina’s little brother dropped down 9 slots from the 22nd overall spot in the Orioles organization, but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly gotten worse at baseball. In fact, he’s finally ready to get his first full-year stint at low-A Delmarva, so he’s starting to grow up. Roderick has tools, but he’s still very raw […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Ty Kelly, #30

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Ty Kelly has spent most of his time in the Orioles organization since 2009 as just another filler player, but he had a breakout 2012 and suddenly popped onto the radar. He started 2012 in Frederick and ended it in Norfolk, more than handling himself at each level. The problem is that although he can […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Greg Lorenzo, #29

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A newcomer to the list, Greg Lorenzo is a small (read: 6’0″ – which is pretty tall to me, since I’m 5’2″) outfielder from the Dominican Republic. The Orioles signed the speedster back in 2009, and since then he’s spent most of his time with the team’s DSL and GCL affiliates getting some much-needed development. […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Oliver Drake, #28

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Oliver Drake, whose story can be read here, was ranked 26th overall last year. He’s since dropped down to 28th, but by no fault of his own – the Orioles just picked up a few good men this past off-season, and a few players grew positively over the past year. Last season was a lost […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Brenden Webb, #27

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As usual, it’s a late post because of graduate school. I need to get used to this. Brenden Webb is from California – the Orioles picked him back up in 2009, and he’s proven to be a fairly good outfielder since. However, despite being from California, he’s spent the past two off-seasons playing in the […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Tyler Wilson, #26

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BA starts this review off with a beautiful metaphor, calling Tyler Wilson “the Robin to 2011 No. 2 overall pick Danny Hultzen’s Batman in Virginia’s weekend rotation.” That’s just great and makes me want to draw a bad cartoon of it. Since the Orioles took him in the twentieth round back in 2011, Wilson has […]

31 Prospects In 31 Days: Lex Rutledge, #25

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I think this may be one of the best prospect names ever. The only Orioles one I can come up with that’s any better is Sebastian Vader. Rutledge is a newbie to the Orioles system, being drafted just this past June. He performed better in college in a relief role and found a home as […]