Charlie Weis, The Jokester Calls His Own Players Crap

The Big XII football Media Days kicked off on Monday and everything seemed to be business as usual until Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis was at the podium.

During a 20-minute coaches session, Weis did not hold back on the media. Here are a few of his gems:

Charlie WeisWeis was asked about the dismissal of 29 players off the roster since he took over last season. “I took a team that already wasn’t very good and made it worse talent-wise.” Oh my. Ok, it gets better.

A media members asked him what his recruiting pitch was, Weis responded with, “Have you looked at that pile of crap out there? Have you taken a look at that? So if you don’t think you can play here, where do you think you can play?” He did sugar coat and say he touched on how great KU academics and the possibility of instant playing time. He probably should just ask them if they like basketball and if they do, they’d enjoy playing football at a school with a great basketball tradition.

He went on to agree to the media members picking the Jayhawks to be last place, yet again, in conference. That’s something hard to argue against though considering the Jayhawks haven’t won a Big XII conference football game since 2010 against Colorado. Yikes.

Coach Weis may not be the man to turn the Jayhawks football team around, but he is clearly the man who brings the jokes with him as he is losing.






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