Calvin Johnson Featured on SI Cover

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What happens when you’re young, talented, and your nickname is Megatron? You get your picture on the cover of a prominent sports magazine.  That’s the natural progression, right?

Except, the Lions aren’t used to all this media attention. So, Calvin Johnson gracing the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated is kind of odd.

In fact, it’s the first time the Lions have been on the cover of the magazine since 2002 (not including the 2004 HOF edition featuring Barry Sanders), when Joey Harrington was featured in a “Young Guns of the NFL” article.

There was even a quote on the cover from Harrington that said, “I know I can play in this league.” That sure turned out well.

Yeah, no.

The article being featured in this week’s Sports Illustrated is titled “The Hungry Lions” and has a subhead titled “Do you believe? Detroit Does.”

Senior writer Damon Hack takes an in-depth look at the incredible young talent on the Lions, particularly Ndamukong Suh, as well as the reasons behind the success the Lions have had starting towards the end of last year which has carried over into the 2011 season.

Prior to 2002, the Lions were featured on three covers during the 90s — including two with Barry Sanders (here and here) and one with Chris Claiborne.

Speaking of Megatron, Johnson is one of the nominees for this week’s GMC Never Say Never Moment. Voting runs through Friday at noon ET.

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