Calgary Burns Through Nashville’s Defenses

roflbot (7)If the Nashville Predators were looking for redemption against the Calgary Flames, they certainly did NOT find it. Instead, sub-par defense and a lack of taking shooting chances led to a 6-3 defeat in Calgary.

Calgary took control early in the game, going hard to the Nashville net to score two goals on their first two shots in less than two minutes. Yes, you read that confusing statement correctly. Giordano took the first goal while Comeau took the second, prompting the Predators to pull Rinne from the net once again.

To be honest though, changing the goalie is not going to help your case when the defense refuses to come out and play. For a defensive team, the Predators have failed at blocking much of anything so far in 2013.

The second period was no better for Nashville. The Flames’ Hudler scored on the power play three and a half minutes in, making the game 3-0. For once the Preds did not let that stand. Or rather, once again Bourque didn’t let the Preds go scoreless as he tipped in a power play goal five minutes into the period.

On occasion, teams have a tendency to come alive in the third period when they have had a slow game. Not the case here. Instead, the Flames took home a hat trick in one period.

The first goal of the hat trick came just over a minute into third period play. Glencross walked the puck right in, showing off the lack of defense by the Predators tonight. The Preds did break up the scoring game however, with Fisher putting in the redirect off of a hammered shot by Josi at the three minute mark.

But it was right back to the Flames as Glencross put in yet another goal just two minutes later. The Preds final goal with just two minutes left in the game did nothing to stop the Flames, but thank you Legwand for the attempt. All it took was one more goal by Glencross with twenty seconds left and an empty net to complete the hat trick and finish off the boys in blue and gold.

The Predators are now half and half for wins and losses with less than half a season to go. The coaching staff will have to think long and hard about how to get the defense back in the game before heading to Edmonton to face the Oilers again on Sunday. Despite beating the Oilers 6-0 last time out, Preds play lately suggests that fans prepare to really cheer on their team and boost that morale!

Sunday night, 8pm EST. Be there!

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