Ritual sacrifice and the boys of summer

The King of the Land at his Death Time (Photo by Glenn Brunett/Flickr)

I recently read a young adult novel called The Summer Prince, by Alaya Dawn Johnson. It’s set in a dystopian future Brazilian city,  where a young man is voted on, in very American Idol fashion,  to be the Summer King. For a short time,  he is given wealth and celebrity, but then he is slaughtered, in […]

Mildly Interesting Distraction: Shin-Soo Choo and Acupuncture


So, the Reds have been pretty meehhhhh, which given the pre-season expectations, has been feeling more like blehhhhhhh. And as it turns out, that’s a lot less fun to write about than either being awesome or being terrible. That and real life have made me perform pretty poorly as a blogger. To ease myself in, […]

Trivial Moments in Reds History: Hitting For The Uni-Cycle

So, I’m back. With some very important, useful baseball analysis, because that is totally my thing. Hanny-way, I was watching the game tonight as Ryan Hanigan (see what I did there?) was up to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning, and I realized that thus far, Hanigan had singled, walked, and been hit […]

The Crazy Thing Is, The Reds Are Doing Ok

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about the Reds. In related news, moving sucks. While I’ve been keeping an eye on the Reds in my absence, I have been a bit distracted, and really, it seems like we’ve had a lot of bad news – Ludwick went out while I was still paying attention, […]

The Pierre-Dunn Continuum – Hitter Similarity Index Part 2

This is a continuation, kind of, of the 2012 Hitter Similarity Index post previous to this. Either scroll down or click here if you want to read that. If you don’t want to read the other post, just know that I worked out a ‘hitter similiarity index’ – where you compare two players’ rate stats […]

2012 Season Hitter Similarity Index – Because Why Not?

Or “How I Broke Google Docs” I was actually playing around with a bunch of different kinds of ‘similarity scores’ (sort of inspired by the career similarity scores sometimes used in HOF discussions), but I decided that this one was the most straightforward, so I thought I’d share it – a number that tells you […]

Bat Mike Leake 3rd! Reds Win 11-2, After Winning 1-0

Definitely a nice change of pace from our recent troubles, all around. First of all, we won (twice), which is great. Second, we swept the Phillies, which is pretty amazing after the 5 game losing streak (and the panic and doom-foretelling it inspired). Thirdly, the offense was back to Week 1 levels. Fourthly, it was […]

And The Sad Reds Get Sadder

Yuuuuuuuup. Let me dig around and find my sad clown picture. Ah. Here it is: Yesterday was a pretty emo day for Reds fan, and today did not get much of a mood lift. Sure, things opened in a pleasant way. Shin Soo Choo opened the game with a single, and hoo-boy (choo-boy?), having a […]


It may be early in the season, but I think it might be true. After opening the season with a great 5-2 record, we’ve now dropped four in a row. If we extrapolate these four games through the rest of the season, the Reds will never win another game. That would probably hurt our chances […]

Looking For Bright Spots While Losing To The Stupid Cardinals

Incidentally, I still hate the Cardinals, of course, but at this point it’s pretty much for the fun of it. Tony LaRussa is gone. Chris Carpenter is (sorta?) gone. Other jerks are gone. The dichotomy of terrible fans who call themselves the best fans in baseball and mediocre/good fans who pretend those other fans don’t […]

Picking A Reds Scapegoat: 2013 Edition

Well, after five games the Reds are 3-2. That’s a .600 winning record, which comes out to about 97 wins on the season. Even if we lost tomorrow – that’s going .500 in half of our games against two of the toughest teams on our record. One might ask, “Why do we need a scapegoat, […]

Establishing A Mendoza Line For OBP

    Why not have one? OBP won’t tell you everything, but I basically use it instead of average, so I’d like to have a really bottom level benchmark. It’s tempting to say the Mendoza line for OBP is 0.300, as it’s nice, round number. Still, though, that’s probably too high. A 0.300 OBP says […]

The Unknowable Future of Mike Leake’s Bat

Well, since we do seem to be looking at another season of the “Mike Leake: Pretty Decent for a 5th Starter” show, I thought I’d dwell a little bit more on something that Leake brings to the table that certain flame-throwing lefties (probably) do not. Namely, a bat, and a half decent one at that. […]

Chapman To The Pen: Redux

Doesn’t it sort of feel like we’ve been here before? This is pretty much exactly like last year, when the Chapman-starting-pitcher experiment happened, and then didn’t happen. Except now, there’s no ‘good’ reason, like Ryan Madson coming down with a bad case of broken elbow. That’s the only thing that drives this from ‘mild pout’ […]

El Choo-pacabra Vs. The Reds Lineup

No, not the Cincinnati Reds rotation, as we already know about Choo’s 4 career home runs against Bronson Arroyo, and the two he hit against Mike Leake last year should probably speak for themselves. Thankfully, a full-time move to Great American should offset any hitting stats he loses from not facing Bronson Arroyo for one […]