Bye Week Breakdown

A lot of stuff happened while The Buckeyes hung out at home this weekend.

* Oregon lost to Stanford, maintaining the tradition of losing to a team with a solid run game and solid D that has existed since the days of Joey Harrington.

* Bama, FSU and Baylor remained unbeaten.

* TTUN managed to blow it against Nebby for a second straight loss.

* Michigan State has become media darlings and the “this is the team The Buckeyes will definitely lose to, we mean it” team of ESPN.

* Everyone on Twitter has become a BCS expert.

* Some non-ESPN, non-SEC types are actually starting to acknowledge OSU is a good team.


It was, overall, a pretty solid bye week. So, you just knew something would happen to cause a facepalm. That thing was the media blowing Evan Spencer’s comments about “wiping the field with teams” out of context.

Some outlets ran with this at breakneck speed. They reported that Spencer said they would wipe the floor with Bama and FSU. Only, if you actually listen to the full interview, the reporter asked about Bama, Baylor and Oregon and FSU was never mentioned. Also, Spencer never mentioned any teams in his comment. He also said he was biased, said it was his bias talking, laughed and moved on. He acknowledged what great football teams they were, etc, etc. In no way, shape or form was he talking smack about the two teams it was claimed he was talking smack about.

Later, Aaron Craft reversed the perceived negative karma by stating FSU is the best team in the country. Of course, even that was somewhat taken out of context. It was a bad day for Buckeyes in the media.

In regards to Spencer, I think every fan wants him to think that. No one wants their players saying “golly gee, they’re so good that I think we’d get smoked.” No, you want your players thinking they can beat anyone, anywhere, any place, any time. While it was a questionable thing to say knowing how context is largely ignored in interviews such as this, it was far from being as abrasive as it was made out to be.

Oh well.

This week, Ohio State and Illinois play for a large wooden turtle.

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