Bulls Can’t Seem To Close The Deal…Again.

The Chicago Bulls are a good team without Derrick Rose. But, with Derrick Rose, they are a great team, obviously. While playing elite teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Boston Celtics, they have the ability to keep the game close enough to actually win. But, that’s not good enough. The theme is starting to be the old saying, “close but no cigar”. The Bulls always seem to fall short. They can easily defeat .500 teams even though they may give the Bulls a bit of a challenge. The problem may be that fans expectations are a bit too high. Maybe the Chicago Bulls are just an average team without Rose. Or the problem is that everyone doesn’t bring their top game and expects someone else to bail them out. Derrick Rose was the leader that everyone depended on to bail them out of close games, but now the team is struggling to find that “someone”. The term “hero ball” is a particular play with the best player making clutch plays to win games for their team a la Carmelo Anthony. Only special players have that ability to take it upon themselves and put the team on their backs all the way to victory. But, what happens when your best player is injured and cannot do so? Teams that don’t have a superstar to depend on play team ball. Everything is cohesive and everyone gets their touches. No one tries to play hero, but just stick to playing their role. The Bulls need to work on executing their plays. If their shots are not falling, the obvious instinct should be to attack the rim and try to get fouled. It may sound easy, but that plan may not work if your foul shots aren’t falling either. Which brings on more problems. Last night, the Bulls had an opportunity to move in on the win, but could not make their free throws. They were 77.4% from the line and that’s certainly not bad, but they could not make them when they needed them the most in the 4th quarter. Luol Deng led the Bulls with points and minutes, finishing with 26 points and 11 rebounds in 45 minutes of playing time. But, Rajon Rondo was entirely too much with 20 points, 10 assists, 9 rebounds, and 5 steals, resulting in the Celtics 101-95 win over the Chicago Bulls.


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