Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Wisconsin

Madison, WI

Driving Distance from OSU Campus:
503 mi – 8 hours 45 mins per Google Maps

1848 – The first class of 17 students met at Madison Female Academy on February 5, 1849.

Number of students:
28,897 Undergrad
9,358 Post-grad
(Per Wikipedia)


Badgers. Their mascot is Bucky. Bucky’s full name is actually Buckingham U. Badger.

Fun fact about nickname:
The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. designated Bucky’s birthday to be October 2.

Things to do in Madison:
Olbrich Botanical Gardens, which is completely free.

Visit the Wisconsin State Capital.

Wine and dine on State Street.

Notable Wisconsin Alumni:
Joan Cusack – Actress
Charles Lindbergh – First to fly nonstop from New York to Paris
Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect extraordinaire
Jim Lovell – Apollo 13 Astronaut


Record Vs. OSU:

Current Line:
OSU -7

Returning Starters:
8 offensive, 7 defensive


The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Badgers are without Poisonous Nuthouse/Aerys NCAA favorite Bert, I mean, Bret Bielema. The Badgers haven’t changed their look all that much, though. It’s basically the same Badger style…big, tough line, live for the run, rinse, repeat.

The game will be decided in the trenches, period. If OSU can get pressure on the QB and stop the run, they will be just fine. I would expect they will make sure Roby is on Jared Abbrederis, and that’s the other match-up to watch. The OSU passing D hasn’t been, well, amazing. The rushing D has been just fine, though, and if Wisconsin is forced to pass more than, say, 35 times then that probably means The Buckeyes are doing just peachy.

In the ongoing Braxton/Kenny G argument, well, just stop. I will say, however, it may be wise to START Kenny and insert Braxton later. If Brax is a little rusty and gets off to a slow start, it would be tough for Urban to leave him in. That would be devastating to Miller’s confidence and that needs to be avoided. If he eases back in, however, it definitely reduces pressure. There has been talk of playing both, so I’m expecting a little trickeration.

This will have a big time atmosphere, as well. As lame as this sounds to even bring up, OSU does very well in big time atmospheres. There will be special uniforms, there are hall of fame inductees, LeBron James is giving a pre-game speech and will be on the sidelines, it is a night game which generally means an especially rowdy crowd, and the press release says there will be “pyro, lots of pyro” as well.

Could that be the nudge that actually puts OSU over the top? Possibly. If it is, great. With Penn State out of the postseason, it’s rather likely the winner of this game is heading to Indy. My only concern is with the line play. It is a still young OSU D line and a really stout Wisconsin O line. I think they will hold their own, however, and the Buckeye offense will simply out-speed (man, I hate saying that) Wisconsin. Look for this one to be tight into the 4th quarter, as per usual from this relatively new rivalry.


OSU 35, Wisconsin 27

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