Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Purdue

West Lafayette, IN

Driving Distance from OSU Campus:
240 mi – 4 hours, 3 mins per Google Maps

1869 – The University is named after John Purdue, obviously, as Purdue isn’t a state.

Number of students:
30,836 Undergrad
7,980 Post-grad
(Per Wikipedia)


Boilermakers – Their mascot is Purdue Pete.

Fun fact about nickname:
Pete is not the official mascot for Purdue. That would be the Boilermaker Special, which is a replica of a Victorian-era locomotive. It sits on a truck chassis and is driven by student members of the Purdue Reamer Club. Pete’s soul purpose is to penetrate your soul with his beady eyes.

Things to do in West Lafayette:
Wolf Park is a sanctuary dedicated to Gray Wolf research.

Lafayette Brewing Company was founded in 1993 to bring brewing back to the Lafayette area after a 40 year absence.

If you’re a Frank Lloyd Wright nerd…um…enthusiast like me, Samara is in West Lafayette.

Notable Purdue Alumni:
Neil Armstrong – First man on the Moon
Eugene Cernan – The last man on the Moon
Gus Grissom – First NASA Astronaut to go into space twice


Record Vs. OSU:

Current Line:
OSU -31

Returning Starters:
5 offensive, 8 defensive

First of all, I would like to state that I am eating heaping mouthfuls of crow after my prediction for last week. I am OK with it, but I was also shocked. No way did I believe 63-14 was possible.

That brings us to this week.

Did you know that Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor and Braxton Miller have never won in West Lafayette? Did you know the Buckeyes have not beaten Purdue on their turf since 2007? They were actually ranked that year, even! Did you know the QB of that game was Todd Boeckman? Did you know the last time OSU beat Purdue on their turf, they went on to lose in the National Title game?

There are the factoids that you will hear repeated ad nauseam on Saturday. Oh, wait, I forgot one. Purdue’s first year coach Darrell Hazell was the WR and kick return coach at OSU in 2004 and Assistant Head Coach from 2005-2010. He was the Head Coach at Kent State in 2011 and 2012 before taking the Purdue job.

Yes, Purdue’s coach is a Buckeye and yes OSU has struggled against Purdue even as recently as the debacle last year in The Shoe where Kenny G led OSU back to what seemed to be an improbably victory. It doesn’t matter this year. Purdue is bad.

I know they weren’t light’s out last year either, but they are really bad this year. They are at or near the bottom of the B1G in every statistical category save Pass Defense, where they are actually 4th. Don’t let that fool you, though, as only 207 passes have been attempted against the Boilermakers because teams simply haven’t needed to pass against them. They are giving up 192.7 yards per game rushing. Oh, they are also doing well on kickoff returns. Of course, that’s partially because they have returned 27 of them, tied for second most in the B1G.

I’m not trying to belittle Purdue, mind you. Heck no. Have you seen Pete? He’s terrifying and I do not want to be haunted by them. What I am saying, however, is that this Buckeye team is very well aware of the struggles they have had against the Boilermakers. It’s not a trap game as The Buckeyes have a bye week next week. They are 100% focused on this. I can’t see them losing this, and I can’t see it being a game.

I know I am tempting fate given the history of this series, but…

Ohio State – 70, Purdue – 17

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