Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Penn State

State College, PA

Driving Distance from OSU Campus:
320 mi – 6 hours, 10 mins per Google Maps

1855 – It was founded as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania. In 1862, the name was changed to Agricultural College of Pennsylvania and was dubbed Pennsylvania State College in 1875. The school was not known as Pennsylvania State University until 1953.

Number of students:
38,594 Undergrad
6,223 Post-grad
(Per Wikipedia)


Nittany Lions – Their mascot is a, um, Lion.

Fun fact about nickname:
The name makes reference to Mount Nittany, which is a part of a series of ridges that is near the area. There used to be mountain lions that roamed near the school, hence Nittany Lions.

Things to do in State College:
Basically, it’s your typical college town. Bars, art galleries, bars, restaurants, bars, a few fun stores and bars. I couldn’t find a lot of info on State College.

Notable Penn State Alumni:
Amy Wynn Pastor – Part of TLC’s Trading Spaces
Andrew Kevin Walker – Screenwriter of Seven
Ty Burrell – Phil on “Modern Family”


Record Vs. OSU:

Current Line:
OSU -14 1/2

Returning Starters:
8 offensive,6 defensive


Penn State was demolished by Indiana, then beat Michigan as Michigan’s FG kicker forgot how to kick a football, and then Michigan demolished Indiana. My point? I’m not sure exactly how to figure out how this game is going to go down.

Having said that, the game is in The Horseshoe and not in Beaver Stadium. That’s a big deal in any case, but is an especially big deal when you have a freshman QB at the helm. Of course, Hackenberg isn’t your usual Freshman. He has tossed only 6 INTs against 11 TDs and has amassed 1672 yards passing with a 131.3 QB rating. Not too shabby. Ohio State’s anemic pass offense will give up one or two plays, you can bank on it.

It is still The Shoe at night, though. If the game is close, Ohio Stadium will be deafening and no doubt intimidating to the young Lions, Hackenberg included. OSU’s offense is similar in may ways to Indiana’s offense, so there is potential for The Buckeyes to throttle PSU. I doubt it, though. Penn State will be up for this game and their chance to get a marquee win in prime time. Oh, right, and they don’t have a postseason to play for. This really is kind of like their bowl game. Any team with that kind of motivation is scary.

If I sound doom and gloom, it’s largely because I am still a bit confused about this Buckeye team. The close shave against Iowa, though I thought it might be close through three quarters, was hopefully a wake-up call. They also need to beat PSU as they are a division opponent, which could factor into the B1GCG berth should OSU end up in a time somehow with, say, Indiana who beat PSU. A win over PSU gives OSU two wins over division opponents with only Indiana, Purdue and Illinois remaining in the Leaders Division. OSU shouldn’t have a problem winning at least two of those and punching their ticket to Indy.

The Buckeyes have yet another chance to beat up on a name program in prime time. Eventually, they have to take one of those chances and run with it. It won’t be Saturday.


Ohio State – 48, PSU – 42

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