Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Indiana

Bloomington, IN

Driving Distance from OSU Campus:
228 mi – 3 hours 55 mins per Google Maps

1820 – It was founded as the State Seminary and was originally located at what is now referred to as “Seminary Square Park”.

Number of students:
32,543 Undergrad
9,509 Post-grad
(Per Wikipedia)



Fun fact about nickname:
There are no fun facts because I have no idea what it truly means and efforts to research have led me in circles. Maybe that, in itself, is the fun fact.

Things to do in Bloomington:
Bloomington, an impressive number of wineries and brew pubs. Check some out.

Bluespring Caverns are nearby.

The downtown Bloomington area has several shops and attractions, so just browse the city.

Notable Indiana Alumni:

Jared Fogle – The Subway guy that has stretched 15 minutes of fame further than anyone in history
Joe Buck – Sportscaster
Mark Cuban – Entrepreneur and owner of The Dallas Mavericks


Record Vs. OSU:

Current Line:
OSU -33

Returning Starters:
10 offensive, 9 defensive

Ohio State is a 33 point favorite in this game. Ohio State has the top scoring offense in the B1G, Indiana has the worst scoring defense in the B1G. Ohio State has the best total offense in the B1G, Indiana has the worst total defense in the B1G. Ohio State’s top rushing offense is taking on Indiana’s abysmal rushing D. This game should, by all accounts, be a slam dunk for OSU.

So, why do I have this nagging sense of doom in the back of my mind?

It’s not a loud voice telling me I should be freaked out, mind you, but it is present. It exists largely because of the regression witnessed in the Ohio State defense last week. Indiana’s offense isn’t horrible. They sit at third in the B1G in total offense and second in scoring offense. Ohio State has largely prevented teams from scoring, but they have had a way of allowing some teams to hang around. If Indiana hangs around, that is a concern. The other concern is Indiana’s main source of yardage is passing, an area where OSU has struggled a bit at times, defensively.

Yes, I know, The Buckeyes aren’t as bad defensively as most would like you to believe. They are improved from last year. Oh, right, last year. Last year was just a bit too close for comfort as OSU, who seemingly had the game put to bed early on, very nearly blew it.

Ohio State’s rushing attack will likely make the difference in this one. If a team can control the run, they control the clock. Indiana’s struggles against the run will likely be the biggest factor in this game. Also, the defense, while showing some gaping holes from time to time, has done enough to ensure the other team has scored less than The Buckeye offense. That’s all that really matters.

But that’s not really all that matters, is it? I might as well address the massive elephant in the room and talk about points. If Ohio State’s D simply “does enough to ensure the Hoosiers score less” they will win and they will punch their ticket to Indianapolis for the B1G Championship Game. They might lose ground in the polls, though, if Baylor wins against a highly ranked Oklahoma State team. That might not matter in the end, and the Rose Bowl is certainly a nice consolation prize should they go on to win out and bring home a B1G Championship, but it definitely could come into play in a couple of weeks. The Iron Bowl will be interesting, and there is a possibility Auburn could pull off an upset of the Tide. If the door is opened even a tiny bit for Baylor to jump them and take the spot, likely against FSU as I see no way they lose unless the Jameis Winston issues get worse, and OSU will be looking at 25 straight wins with zero titles.

That sucks.

One more story line is at play, as if this season needed more. Carlos Hyde needs only 53 yards to become Urban Meyer’s first 1000 yard RB. Barring an early injury or a complete implosion, that’s probably going to happen. So, that’s cool. One more piece of history to a season that is special, yet ESPN attempts to ruin.

I was going to use this space to talk about how this is a trap game with The Wolverines looming, but no. It’s a rivalry, sure, but between Ohio State and UM, I’m betting on UM being the team most likely to fall victim to that mindset.

Look at that, I’ve managed to quite the voice of doom a little when contemplating the issues in Ann Arbor this season. Man, I feel better.

OSU – 67, Indiana – 27

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  1. Enoch14 says:

    Braxton would be within striking distance if he hadn’t missed those early games (KG has over 300 yards rushing, Braxton nearly 600 – reasonable to assume BM would match KG’s numbers). How awesome would that be?

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