Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Clemson

Clemson, SC

Driving Distance from OSU Campus:
552 mi – 8 hours 23 mins per Google Maps

1889 – Clemson was an all-white male military school until 1955, when they became a co-educational institution. They admitted their first African American student, future Charlotte, NC mayor Harvey Gantt, in 1963.

Number of students:
16,931 Undergrad
4,372 Post-grad
(Per Wikipedia)


Tigers – They have two mascots, the Clemson Tiger and the Clemson Tiger Cub.

Things to do in Clemson:
Fort Hill Plantation – Originally the home of South Carolina Senator John Calhoun. It was passed to his daughter and her husband, Thomas Clemson, and the land was eventually used to establish Clemson University.

Brooks Center for the Performing Arts

South Carolina Botanical Gardens

Notable Clemson Alumni:

Strom Thurmond – Longest-serving Senator in U.S. history
Robert H. Brooks – Founder of Hooters
Nancy O’Dell – Entertainment Tonight co-anchor


Record Vs. OSU:

Current Line:
OSU -3

Returning Starters:
7 offensive, 7 defensive

Ohio State opened as 6.5 point favorites. The line has shrunk to 3. This shouldn’t surprise anyone based on the comedy of errors that have occurred over the past few weeks.

First, Roby is unlikely to play due to a bone bruise sustained in the B1GCG. Second, Noah Spence was suspended by the B1G, allegedly for a banned “dietary supplement” of some kind. Third, multiple team members were stricken with the flu and have missed some practice time. I’m sure there are more things, but we’ll stick to that.

I’m not sure the losses on D will matter much, to be honest. This one has the makings of a shootout and one or two players might not make the difference in that. Well, OK, that’s not entirely true. I’m not sure losing Roby will be a make or break difference in the inconsistent backfield. Losing Spence hurts. One of the keys against Tajh Boyd is to pressure him and pressure him hard. He doesn’t like it, he makes mistakes when that happens, and it will be critical to rattle him.

One other big change on D is that Vonn Bell will be starting in the defensive backfield. Bell is freakishly athletic and has a chance to shine and position himself for next year. If he has a great game, this might end up being the biggest story. Clemson has an outstanding WR corps and performing well against them will be a glimmer of hope for next year’s D.

On the flip side, will Clemson have an answer for Hyde and Miller? I’m not so sure. Based on results this season, I think they can contain one, but I’m not sure they will be able to contain both. This could be quite the audition for Hyde’s NFL prospects and I think he can produce.

There is also the fact that it’s really tough to bet against Urban Meyer when he has a month to prepare. Of course, people say the same about Saban and, well, we saw how that went.

There are likely three things that will make the difference:

Line play – Ohio State’s O-Line is arguably the best in the Country. Can Clemson get pressure?

The potential for big plays on both sides – Really, this could go either way.

Containing either QB. – Again, two highly touted QBs, and the one that performs the best will likely have the best chance to pull out a win.

In the end, it might simply come down to who has the ball last. I like Ohio State’s chances to control the clock in that case and that makes the difference.

Oh, and Urban, don’t lose your temper too bad. Deal?

OSU – 48, Clemson – 40

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