Buckeye update: First black stripe removed

Freshmen and other newcomers to the Buckeye football team get a black stripe on their helmet. This is to identify them as such. They are sent a message that they need to work to truly be a part of the team and considered true Buckeyes. Last year, the honor went to safety Devan Bogard, who was a significant contributor on special teams prior to being sidelined by injury.

The mark of a newbie

The mark of a newbie

This year, there was a bit of surprise.

In what is the most star-studded freshman class in recent memory, the first guy to lose his stripe is walk-on WR Joe Ramstetter out of Cincinnati Elder. Ramstetter wasn’t even a member of the team until Sunday, yet is the first new guy to earn the honor as a full-fledged member of the Buckeye football team.

Is this a tone-setter? It certainly should be. If nothing else it should serve as a wake-up call to a class full of blue chippers that nothing will come easy for them. I like that these guys have to earn their spots and I hope they receive the message loud and clear. Guys like Ramstetter who know they need to work hard to earn a spot, and do so, are the kind of guys that should be emulated throughout the program.

Congrats to Ramstetter!

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