Browns Bye Week 2012: What Have We Learned So Far?

Courtesy of SB Nation.  Jimmy Haslam is frustrated As most Browns fans seem to be around this time of the season, I’ve been hearing snarky remarks from my friends, and among my football pool friends it’s been the most entertaining.

Friend #1: “The one week the Browns are guaranteed not to lose.”

Friend #2: “I think I’ll take the Bye Week over the Browns this week, but it’ll be close.”

Clearly the confidence from the Week 8 win is all but lost, maybe. Perhaps my friends are a bit too hasty to lost their positive thoughts about the possibility of the Browns heading into the “second half” of their season on a high note. Last weeks game against the Ravens wasn’t atrocious. The Browns managed to score into the double digits, Brandon Weeded did some nice things, Trent Richardson did some excellent running, Phil Dawson made five field goals, and our defense had some really great reps and at times even showed their strength against the Ravens Offense.

However, none of those good points could overcome the division leading Ravens. The Browns don’t seem to be relying in “Automatic Phil” to get the job done, and yet he was the only player who put any points on the board. While Weeden had some nice moments, he didn’t throw any touchdowns and still threw two interceptions, the second of which solidified the loss for the Browns. This was a step back from the win during Week 8, where Weeden threw no interceptions and one touchdown.

I believe the Browns have it within themselves to win, they just don’t know how to do it yet. Sometimes, the most entertaining part of the game is when the cameraman pans up to new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam after a particularly frustrating play. I find it comforting that he’s reacting in ways similar to diehard Browns fans: shaking his head, waving his hands, etc. For some reason, these reactions comfort me, and some of my friends, because it’s nice to see that we’re not the only ones frustrated. Hopefully the frustration will turn into some positive change in the Browns organization. If not this year, then hopefully by the 2013 Draft. Browns fans: always looking forward.

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