Brandon Weeden rumored to want out of Cleveland

Yesterday, news hit that the Browns GM and CEO, (Lombardi and Banner) are gone from the team. We only get one day recovery before the next big news story breaks. Apparently QB Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland. Are we really surprised?

Let’s look at it by the numbers. Weeden was drafted in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft from Oklahoma State University. He was the Browns’ 2nd pick in the first round (first was Trent Richardson), after starting two years for Oklahoma State and helping them win the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. Previous to that, in 2002 the New York Yankee’s drafted him during the Major League Baseball Draft. He bounced around for a while, but decided to quit baseball, and go to college.Brandonweeden face

He was drafted by Cleveland to be our franchise quarterback. The Browns wanted him badly enough that we took him in the first round. 2012 was a good year for QB draft picks (see the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks QB, who was taken in the THIRD round of the draft). In my humble opinion, there are a very select few QB’s who are taken in the first round that actually live up to their high draft choice for more than one year (examples of those who didn’t: Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Kyle Boller, Vince Young, and JaMarcus Russell).

Let’s look at his stats as a starter for the Browns. It’s important to note that when Pat Shurmur was fired at the end of the 2012 season, Weeden had to get used to a totally different offense under Norv Turner, BUT it was more focused around his strengths so don’t get too sentimental. In 2012 he completed 57% of the passes he attempted for 3385 yards resulting in 14 TD’s and 17 interceptions. He was sacked 28 times for a loss of 186 yards, had 6 fumbles. In 2013, the stats drop drastically, mostly because he was either benched because of injury or because he was just playing bad; he only played in 8 games, and only started 5 of them. He completed 52.8% of his passes for 1731 yards, 9 TD’s and 9 interceptions. He was sacked 27 times for a loss of 180 yards.

Some of the sacks and lost yards can be attributed to the offensive line not doing their job, but it also has to do with Weeden’s inability to get rid of the ball quickly, evade the defense, and most importantly, read the defense. Overall, his stats aren’t great. Honestly though, Weeden could be good; he’s shown glimmers of that especially when he had to come in for the injured Brian Hoyer during the game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 5. Weeden just needs to find a combination of the right team, right coaches, and more importantly the right fan-base. If he truly wants out of Cleveland, we should let him go. We have enough problems. We don’t need the public begging and hatred issue like the Cincinnati Bengals had with Carson Palmer a few years ago.

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