Boston Celtics: Tommy Heinsohn Is Fed Up With The Lockout

The NBA lockout reached day 132 today, and although both sides met again this afternoon, the lockout remains.

One person skeptical of the situation is former Boston Celtics player and television announcer Tommy Heinsohn.  During a Q&A for the upcoming Broadway play, Magic Bird, Heinsohn expressed displeasure with the state of the league.

“This thing, here, to me, is ridiculous,” he said.  “For the last two years, we’ve been seeing in certain cities and towns that were mainstays, like Detroit, like Washington, like Philadelphia, where there weren’t people in the seats.  Now, I always thought the players were pretty smart and observant.  Well, where do they think they’re getting paid from?  All right, so they never really observed that.  And I think right now, when I was president and orgranized the players’ association way back in the ’60s, late ’60s, we had the benefit of the game.  We wanted to leave the game for the next generation of players in good shape, with something to look forward to.  I’m not so sure that’s what’s going on now.”

As days continue to pass without a deal, it appears the union will be closer to decertification.