Boston Celtics: Shopper’s Guide To The 2011-2012 Schedule

Individual game tickets go on sale next week, so here is a guide to the best games of this shortened season.

The upcoming holiday season is the perfect reason to buy Celtics tickets.  Maybe that is what the league had in mind all along; a nice marketing ploy to end the lockout right before holiday shoppers finish up everything on their list.

Take a look at some notable home games on the Celtics 2011-2012 schedule, and good luck buying!

  • January 11 vs Dallas Mavericks: The first matchup against the reigning NBA champion.
  • January 13 vs Chicago Bulls: The past few seasons, the Bulls were in the hunt during the playoffs, so the Celtics get another test to see what their chances are come May and June.
  • January 23 vs Orlando Magic: Another in-season test against a potential playoff opponent.
  • Februrary 3 vs NY Knicks: A Christmas day rematch, this time in Boston.
  • February 9 vs Los Angeles Lakers: First matchup against Kobe and the Lakers, and there is always a chance the two teams will see each other again.
  • April 1 vs Miami Heat: LeBron and the gang come to Boston for the first time in the season.