Boston Celtics: No Rest For The Weary

The Boston Celtics have not played since last Friday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers.  While some may have thought it would be a good opportunity to get some rest before welcoming the defending champion Dallas Mavericks to town Wednesday, Doc Rivers had other plans.

Practice consisted of a lot of conditioning, which Rivers told reporters was lacking so far this season:

“You have to be in shape first,” Rivers said.  “You can have all the intensity you want, and I think our guys do.  But after three minutes and your lungs hurt, you’re no longer thinking about intensity, you’re thinking about survival.  How can I get through this next five minutes?  And then you’re not playing the same.  So, we have to be in better shape.”

The Celtics went through a two-hour practice yesterday, which included ” a ton of running.”  They will need their legs behind them in their upcoming games.

They face off against the Mavericks tomorrow night, and then they player the Chicago Bulls and the Pacers in back-to-back nights over the weekend.

One plus for Boston’s roster will be the debut of Mickael Pietrus against Dallas.  When asked about joining his teammates on the court, he said:

“I think I’ll be able to help my team.  I went through practice with no pain.  I told you guys I’d be ready to go in two weeks and two weeks came.  I’m very happy I could go through practice with my teammates and get stuff done.”

Hopefully he does “get stuff done” once he takes the floor and adds that extra presence that has been lacking thus far.