Boston Celtics: Ainge Won’t Trade Rondo

Danny Ainge told reporters the Boston Celtics will not trade Rajon Rondo.  He addressed the trade rumors that would bring Chris Paul to the team in exchange for Rondo during a press conference today. wrote:

“I’ll talk to Rondo,” Ainge added.  “But I won’t tell you what I’ll say to him.  Rondo will be fine, Rondo knows that we love him.  He knows that we like him.  He’s excited to come back and play basketball, in my opinion.  He gets a lot of attention.  He’s a great player.  There’s a lot of people that call me and ask me about Rondo.  So, how these rumors get out, it’s unfortunate, but we didn’t leak those rumors out.  We’ll deal with it.  He’ll be fine.”

“Usually, I’m around [the players] when these [trade rumors] happen,” Ainge said.  “This is a unique situation in that it’s happened now.  I will talk to the players and share with them the truth about rumors and everything else.  I don’t like the discuss them with the media — the truth or validity of rumors.  But I do discuss them with players.”

For Rondo’s sake, it is good he knows the organization supports him.  He plays at his best knowing his teammates and coaches have confidence in his ability as a basketball player, as well as his role as a team leader.

Rumors are rumors.  They happen, and now Ainge cleared them.  It is time to look past them and focus on the other necessities before training camp begins.