Bold Predictions For The Offseason

The off season is here and with that brings about a lot of thought about what is about to happen. Everyone misses football and gets these thoughts about what exciting thing could happen in the off season.

Well, the Aerys NFL gang is no different! We have our very own bold off season predictions for this spring and summer! Check them out and be sure to comment below and let us know your bold predictions!


* The Browns sign Mike Wallace. The Browns have a TON of cap space and they are in need of some dynamic players on offense to compliment Richardson and their young and up and coming talent.

* Rams bold prediction: RB Steven Jackson will no longer be a St. Louis Ram.
* General NFL: The Minnesota Vikings and Dr. James Andrews will make a fortune selling Adrian Peterson spray.

* Chiefs fans everywhere will be disappointed when Leon Sandcastle isn’t picked first in the draft.
* The Dolphins will get the best pre-season tans.

* The 49ers will use their major surplus of draft picks to move up in the 1st round to acquire an “impact player” for the secondary or to augment the WR crew.
* They will also make a strong push to acquire Darrelle Revis from the New York Jets, which may or may not include using Alex Smith as trade bait.


* The Steelers won’t do anything bold.  It’s just not their style.
* The Browns will have the QB competition they promised, and Brandon Weedon will lose the starting gig to a rookie…who is less than 30 years old.
* The Ravens will be stricken with the ultimate Superbowl Hangover and have a losing record at home.
* The Bengals entire 2013 draft class will make it through their entire careers without being arrested/going to jail.  Nah, just kidding.  Never gonna happen.

* I don’t think Joe Flacco actually goes to Disney…


* The San Francisco 49ers will not trade QB Alex Smith.
* The Minnesota Vikings will trade WR Percy Harvin.


* Tim Tebow gets traded to the Dallas Cowboys. Think about it! Tony Romo really doesn’t cut it in big game moments. Tim Tebow kills it in big game moments. Tony and Tim would be a perfect ying-yang situation. It would just work. Tim would feel relaxed in the Dallas market. Dallas would really catch on to Tebowing. Tony would feel a little less pressure. Jason Garrett would have another QB to mentor. A better one at that. Jerry Jones might actually be happy.

* We will be really tired of hearing about Manti Te’0 and his girlfriend by the time the NFL Combine is over. We will be sick of him by the NFL Draft. Need I explain this any more. I think you get me!

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