Bo Pelini + Cats = Hilarity

Major hat tip to Krista, who pointed me in the direction of this tumblr blog, called “Kitty Pelini“, which features photos of Nebraska coach Bo Pelini and cats. Now that I’ve seen these pictures, I won’t not be able to think of them every time they show Pelini during the bowl game.¬†Really, all I can do is present this to you with no further comments, because there are no words. Happy holidays to us all.

Meowy Christmas, from Bo and cats.

2 thoughts on “Bo Pelini + Cats = Hilarity

  1. Krissy Vogel says:

    You do know that these are photo-shopped, right? Pretty funny…even to a Nebraska fan.

    1. Yep, I knew they were photoshopped.

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