Blues’ Different Hero Every Game, Bro Time, and Goodbyes

Chris Stewart and Ryan Reaves were the Heroes of the Night for the Blues on Friday. Who will it be today? (Photo: Victoria Geisz / facebook)

Chris Stewart and Ryan Reaves were the Heroes of the Night for the Blues on Friday. Who will it be tonight? (Photo: Victoria Geisz / facebook)

The Blues’ recent gritty, low-scoring game has been seeing a different player every night coming out to be the hero. I’m loving it, but I guess if you want a high-scoring hockey game with your core 2-3 players expected to score, this may not be your team.

Chris Stewart, sharing Hero of the Day status with Ryan Reaves on Friday night, was among the players who’ve commented on the Blues’ current playing style (@lkorac10). The bottom line right now is getting the wins. Right now, the Blues are doing that pretty well, so I’m not complaning. If two goals equals two points, then we’re good. We’ll see who wins the hero-of-the-night lottery this evening.

Ken Hitchcock has said to expect fresh faces in the lineup tonight. He knows many of the guys are pretty worn from the Blues’ tough April schedule. Tonight we could see a Kris Russell, Dmitrij Jaskin, recently called-up Andrew Murray, or maybe even an Ian Cole. (lkorac10.blogspot)  Another hero of the hour, our resident turnaround-of-the-month Brian Elliott is starting in goal again tonight. To hear the lineup talk and to see the Colorado Avalanche at last place in the standings, you may expect a sure win tonight. But for whatever reason, the Avalanche always seem to play very tough against the Blues (they’ve won the last 7 meetings), so expect a hard game.

Maybe they both step it up because they were all hanging out last night? Who knows, who knows. I guess I would maybe be less amused by the players hanging out – and tweeting about it – if I didn’t have a soft spot for the Avs. But I do, so I’m laughing about it. It makes sense that they’re all bros, since a lot of them used to be teammates. I guess it would be more concerning if they were able to hang out after the games. Heh.

EJ and Bergie. Hm.




Also hanging out with the Blues are, according to Alex Steen, the Jackman, Nichol and Langenbrunner children. Aww.

The Rivermen will host the second and last game of their final home stand at 5:00 this evening. It will be their final game as the Peoria Rivermen. As we count down the team’s last hours, I just don’t have much [that’s coherent or appropriate] to say, to be honest. If you want to read a non-disgruntled summation of the penultimate night of farewells, go here. I’m done talking. OH, Mike McKenna had a list of old Rivs jerseys he was hoping to see this weekend. I hope he does, because all of his dreams should come true. Let’s go Rivs tonight!

To add in something utterly unrelated: I really, really, really wish that someone would create the Blues equivalent of a page like It’s quite late in the game to jump on this, folks, I know, but I have a mighty need. Anyone reading this who’s a coding genius, sarcastic web designer, or a stats nerd? I believe in you!

Some most exciting and welcome news: the Blues can clinch the playoffs with one point tonight. Dear Blues, please don’t get any ideas. We want two. Let’s go Blues!

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