Blaming Luke Scott

So what exactly happened last night? Arrieta pitched well enough to win and the Orioles jumped out to an early five-run lead.

Luke Scott ended up becoming last night’s scapegoat by missing about three fly balls that Felix Pie (or perhaps even Nolan Reimold) would have made look easy. This naturally meant that enough runs scored to make it possible for the Yankees to eventually tie it up in the ninth and have a walk-off win in extras.

So should we blame Luke for this? He’s not normally in left field, given that he was our DH up until Guerrero signed. This is his first full season that we’re trotting him out there to keep his bat in the lineup. It’s clear he doesn’t have the range most outfielders have, but this is the first game this season that we’ve actually had problems due to it. Sure, Luke’s range meant we lost a game we easily could have won, but it also doesn’t mean he needs to be crucified for it.

Yes, a lot of the reason we lost was Luke Scott’s inability to properly field fly balls because he couldn’t reach them. But at the same time, we can’t blame him for the whole thing. One player’s issues need to be supported by the other eight that you’re trotting out there, so it’s very hard to blame one team member for an entire team’s loss.

Except when relievers suck. But that’s entirely another story.

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