BIZARRO WORLD: Braves vs Mets Edition

If I had told you a month ago that the Braves had all but one loss to the Mets, you would have had me committed. Are the Mets better than everyone thought, or are the Braves worse? Yes and no on both counts.

The Mets are playing as well as they can with the talent they have, but their downfall is their depth. Ten games in the season, they are not affected, but I am reserving judgement until they have an injury or two and legs start to feel heavy.

The Braves on the other hand have fallen back into some old habits by not putting away the teams they are supposed to. After sweeping the defending NL Central Champs, Atlanta drops another to the Mets 6-1 with Tommy Hanson on the mound. To top off this bizarro scenario, Jason Heyward has a six game hitting streak, facing mostly left handers.

Is it all a fluke? Will things shake out through the course of the season? Probably, but that is why they play the game!

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