Best Sports Games To Bet On And Why

November 24, 2019Advice Standard

Betting has become one of the most loved pass-time people engage in. The idea of earning yourself an extra buck or two from an initial investment sounds like a pretty good idea. You spend money to make money right! Well, newbie or pro, you know that gambling is a game of chance- you could either win or lose. So choosing to bet is never a win guarantee, but half that chance is a win, so why not! With that said, in this article, we shall be highlighting the best sports to gamble on. So read on.

  1. Football

Novice or pro, you know that soccer is the most betted sports on the planet. This is because it is recognized all over the globe and the number of leagues available is quite substantial. So much so, the selection of teams you can bet on is one vast one. Betting on soccer is also favorable because there are so many betting experts that can help you predict the games. And that is why it is the number one game on the list.

  1. Cricket

Cricket betting ranks second on the sports gambling list. Just like football, cricket is an internationally recognized sport which qualifies it to be played in the most prestigious leagues globally. The game of cricket is easy to grasp, and for that reason, a lot of people feel safe wagering their cash for a game or two.

  1. Basketball

The game of basketball is yet another popular sports played all over the world. The active seasons may not be as long as soccer’s but the number of games played in one season is enough for one to gain from betting. Again, understanding the fundamentals of the game is quite easy, and you do not need to be an expert in the game to bet. But if you know the game on a deeper level, you may place bets on individual players as well.

  1. Tennis

Another sport you can put your money on is tennis. The games played by the likes of the Serena sisters are sure bets if you follow the sport. Betting on tennis is simple and very much loved. This is because you can predict an outcome by studying or merely taking a look into individual players. Unlike sports that consist of many athletes, here you have one person. And this makes it easier to monitor their progress season after season.

  1. Swimming

Our globe is filled with water more than land, and so swimming had to be on this list. This leisure activity turned sport is yet another lucrative sport you may bet on. Believe it or not, swimming is as popular as soccer, although not competitively. But recently, it has proven to be a bet-worthy sport. Just like tennis, your focus is on one contender, which is quite easy to do. By studying their progress, training, and when in action, it is easy to tell who might win a race. So much so, betting on swimming does make sense.



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