Bengals Hard Knocks: Episode 3 Recap

Good morning! For the next few weeks, I’m hijacking the Friday Morning Blitz and replacing it with these Hard Knocks recaps. I want to make sure you start the weekend off right!

 Things in the episode that made me go WOO!

  • James Harrison: a “man willing to suffer for his craft.” We finally get a reason for why he hates the Hard Knocks cameramen so much (they don’t deserve to be there) and we get to see his backside stuck with hundreds of needles. Despite my distaste for needles, James has needled his way into my heart. He’s dedicated, and always the first one to pound a table in laughter at the rookie antics.
  • Rookie talent show. I didn’t see much actual talent, but I did enjoy this: rookie talent show
  • Taylor Mays. You’d think a man with a backpack collection and a desire to show his abs at all times (even when on the field- see the above picture) wouldn’t have a girlfriend. But fear not, Hard Knocks reassures us that Taylor definitely has a hot girlfriend. If we’re being honest here, I’d date this guy:taylor mays
  • The Bengals won their second pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans. Woo!

 Things in the episode that made me go BOO!

  • Aaron Maybin. We start to like this guy: he’s played in the NFL for 4 years now but hasn’t really found his place. Plus, he paints in his free time! But in typical Hard Knocks fashion, the guy featured at the beginning of the episode is cut by the end. Maybe he’ll have a future career as an artist?
  • James Dimanch. Another guy we start to like. Everything’s going pretty well for this undrafted rookie, until he starts to get winded in the second pre-season game. Let’s hope he shapes up by next episode because I’d like him to stick around.
  • Giovani Bernard. Still driving his girlfriend’s mom’s minivan and taking all sorts of flak for it. Don’t worry Gi, I like your wheels.
  • Overall, this wasn’t the most exciting episode. However, it didn’t disappoint with quotes.

And just in case you didn’t get a chance to play, we won again!

hard knock bingo ep 3

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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