Bengals Hard Knocks: Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Hard Knocks shows things heating up as the Bengals traveled to Atlanta for their first pre-season game.

Here’s how the episode started:

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

I’m about to get football-y, so if you’re here for the silly pictures, keep scrolling.

Even though Andy Dalton has the starting QB position locked down, there’s still competition to be his back-up. It’s between laid-back dude John Skelton, who has trouble learning the play calls, and Josh Johnson, whose “accuracy is just horrible.” John’s beautiful touchdown pass in the pre-season game might have given him the edge, but I don’t think anyone is overwhelmed by the options here.

There’s also fierce competition in the fullback position. The experienced option is former NY Jets John Connor (#32), who was dubbed “The Terminator” on 2010′s Hard Knocks. A player hit by Connor exclaimed, “I think he knocked like three dreads out of my head!” His competition comes from #80, Orson Charles, who recently switched to fullback and is still learning the role. He may be loosing the competition right now, but I like him and his eagerness to learn.

New favorite players

marcus hunt Marcus Hunt (#99) is from Estonia (none of his teammates have heard of it either). His favorite movie is Rocky Four and he’s “strong as sh*t.” He’s a rookie defensive end who has only been playing football for four years, switching to the game when his track and field team got cut in college (this sound eerily like the set-up in She’s the Man). He may not have swag or be besties with any of the other players, but he loves his girlfriend. He does not know what playing possum means.

One of his teammates wants to know if girls from Estonia look like him? Nope, they don’t (so that’s a no on She’s the Man then…).




This is Terrence Stephens (#62), and this is the face he makes when his mom rushes to the sideline of his first NFL game to take his picture. He sings like a choir of angels (even never-cracks-a-smile James Harrison loves it) and sometimes he makes Instagram videos with this rookie besties.

If these guys ever have a rookie talent show, Terrence is the shoo-in winner.






Favorite scenes

pool scene

The entire pool scene was gold. Jayson’s got mad swag, but the dude who rolled from the pool into the hot tub was my ultimate favorite.

This awkward hug between head coaches is rivaled only by the hug between Malfoy and Voldemort in the final Harry Potter movie. It was that good.

This awkward hug between head coaches is rivaled only by the hug between Malfoy and Voldemort in the final Harry Potter movie. It was that good.

Did you enjoy the episode as much as me?

More importantly, did you play Hard Knocks bingo (because we totally won!)?

hard knocks bingo ep 2Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next episode!


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