Baltimore Orioles Photo Day 2013…In Cartoons

Because this is genuinely what I do with myself.

I looked through the Orioles’ photo day images from this season and ended up choosing them as my subject for this week’s Camden Depot cartoon. Specifically, I ended up parodying photos of Jake Arrieta, Brian Matusz (of course – it’s me drawing these), Jair Jurrjens, Adam Russell, Darren O’Day and Chris Davis. I’ve decided to share them here, too, just because I rarely like what I draw because that’s how we artists are and I happen to like these quite a bit.

Clicking on the cartoons will take you to the actual photographs. (The Chris Davis one is indeed a reblog on my Tumblr, which has lately become a repository for photos of Laurel and Hardy. You have been warned if you click that link.)

Photo Day 2013 - Arrieta

Photo Day 2013 - Davis

Photo Day 2013 - Jurrjens Photo Day 2013 - Matusz Photo Day 2013 - O'Day Photo Day 2013 - Russell

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